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Dungeon Master's Encounter Sheet

My group has had the issue of loosing track of who's turn it is, what round we're on, effects... etc... Anyway, I decided that as the DM I should put something out so that I know these things at all times and from that I designed a new bit of useful material for DMs to have. The Dungeon Master's Encounter Sheet.

Now I've seen stuff like this before with cards that you just keep in order, but they don't really have EVERYTHING that you need on them, that's why I built this sheet. As to why I'm posting it here, I want to know if I'm missing anything else that a DM should know that's not covered on the DM Screen already that would be useful for me to know during an encounter.

If anyone has some suggestions, please let me know and I will do my best to add it in. I tried to compact everything in nicely, but I'm sure I can make room for more things if I try.
Extra Character Sheets

Just a little something else in case you have more than four players. My groups tend to try to stay smaller.
Personally I would say the problem with that would be that it isn't near enough room to track HP. I don't erase very much when I do enemy HP, so having such a small box would be near useless for me.  But it is a good idea.
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I'd really condense the Character Sheets part. As in like take out 90% of it. You just don't have to know most of that stuff on a regular basis. If for some crazy reason I need Urg the half-orc's INT mod, I'll just ask him.

In fact, almost all of the character stuff should just be kept track of by the players, IMO. It's nice to know their defenses and maybe hp, as well as the highest passive insight/perception in the party, but when I'm running an encounter I care a lot more about what's going on with my monsters. I guess this assumes you're using a module or something and have monsters printed there?

Looking again, I think this would be a great encounter sheet for the party rather than the DM. Split the workload a bit and have someone else keep track of the condition of the party so that you can focus on your side of the screen. That's what I like to do anyway.
Masterplan can track all this, it's designed to run encounters.
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