How do I make an emperor team for competitive play?

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I'm switching to another school this fall and I want to start playing emperor. I don't know how people find their teammates. I want the team to be with good friends so that it's less prone to breaking apart, and there's a particular kind of strategy I'm thinking I want to use. I want to be a lieutenant with an isochron scepter control deck, and I'm thinking it would be good if the other lieutenant went isochron and the emperor used some kind of deck with the protector/speedbump admirer approach. Is this viable? And how would I find teammates? I'm wondering if maybe the most effective way would be to use facebook or something, but I'm not sure that's such a good idea because of the privacy issues. Maybe I can find people in the magic club on campus...

How do people normally go about this sort of issue?
MTG club is probably your best bet, it will definately give you an idea of whether or not Emperor is a popular format being played there.

Control, huh? I've played Emperor for years, and we always set our teams up with the Emperor playing the control/disruption and lieutenants playing fast aggro. At least that's what's seemed to work best. You name it, we've probably played it.
I did some more research and found out that emperor is NOT a sanctioned format. The only sanctioned multiplayer format is two-headed giant. I'm guessing they don't have sanctioned three-headed, right?
Sorry wrong place to ask this  I leave now
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