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Greetings! I am looking for Dm to start a flexible session.
Most comfty days for me are wednesday (15.30) and.or saturday (12.30 or 13.00) Greece time.
Pls text me here or pm to send you my contact info.
Thank you very much!!
This particular forum is for Living Forgotten Realms, which is an Organized Play campaign, using the 4E rules.  (And, it's an old forum, at that, which is why it gets so little traffic.)

You will probably have more success if you repost this in the "D&D Gamer Classifieds" board, which is elsewhere here on the WotC Community site.

The general D&D Gamer Classified board is here:

There's a specific one for Europe (since it sounds like you're in Greece):

There's also a board for online play (it sounds like that may be what you're looking for):

Hope this helps!
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