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I am about to play an undead character with a level drain ability, and I think I need a little clarification. From what I've read so far, Level Drain effects actually bestow a thing called a negative level. These negative levels reduce Saving Throws, Attacks, Skill checks, and ability checks, and incur a -5 hp. My question is about feats and Spellcasting. 1. Do negative levels affect feats? 2. Taking a wizard, level 3 with 14 Int. This wizard should be able to cast 2 level 2 spells (1 from his level, one from intelligence). If he is bestowed a negative level, can he still cast second level spells?
Feats are unaffected unless the negative levels turn into permanent level loss and the creature loses the level at which a feat was gained.

On the spellcasting front, the spellcaster loses access to one spell of their highest level as if they had cast it (and that spell slot remains unavailable while they have the negative level, even if they refresh their daily spells).

I don't recall whether or not it's made clear anywhere what happens with caster levels due to that -1 effective level penalty, but if it affects caster level, it could potentially exclude higher levels of spells by making the caster's caster level too low to cast spells of a given level.  The core rules are a bit vague on this point.

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