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So I have a couple questions with cipher.
1) If I cast Stolen Identity can I get a token of a creature and cipher it on that token?

2) If I cast Stolen Identity and I Twincast it can I cipher 2 creatures?

3) If I somehow play Stolen Identity not casting, do I still get to cipher?
1) yes

2) no, the copy is not a card
you can only encode cards

3) no
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cool thanks for the quick reply
3) "Play" is the same thing as "cast" for nonland cards. If you somehow play Stolen Identity, you have cast it.

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well i ment it in a way where i didn't cast it. kinda like twincast in a way. 2 and 3 kinda answer each other lol
okay i got a few more questions
1) what would happen if a ciphered creature hits a player can I twincast the cipher?

2) If i Clone a creature with cipher encoded does the clone have the cipher?

im guessing no on number 2 but just want to make sure 
1. You can do that. It's a spell, so you can Twincast it. Note that since the copy is not a card, you will not be able to encode it on anything.

2. Nope. What's encoded on a creature is not a part of its copiable value, so the Clone will not copy what is encoded on the original creature.

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Questions don't have to make sense, but answers do.

1) you can Twincast it, it's a regular spell

2) no
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awesome thanks for all the answers I think I understand cipher completely now
I don't remember the actual cards involved now, but my son played an instant with ciper.  The instant went through then he attached it to a creature, then attacked with that creature. Does he get to use the cipher ability again on the same turn?
Cipher allows you to copy a card and then cast the copy.
Even if you tried to encode the copy onto another creature, the copy ceases to exist as soon as it resolves.
there are no instants with Cipher
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I'll have to find out what the cards involved were and repost later.  Thanks.
If he granted the Cipher card Flash (E.G. Leyline of Anticipation) then he could accomplish that.  There are not rules specific to Cipher that prevent it from being triggered the turn you encode it.
Using something like Vedalken Orrery, you can cast a spell with Cipher as late as the declare blockers step and have Cipher trigger to create a copy almost immediately.
or the Standard-legal, Hypersonic Dragon

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A couple feel like instants, like Hands of Binding or Last Thoughts.

But to be clear, the cipher ability has two parts: encoding a creature and casting an encoded spell when the encoded creature deals damage to a player.  And neither of those things care about the turn that they happened.
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