3.5 Encyclopedia Magic & Spell Compendium Volumes? ...

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Since WotC seems to be moving in the direction of DDN.
I would find it a very nice and USEFUL ending to 3.x and 3.5 editions by seeing created volumes of Encyclopedia Magica and Spell Compendiums.
Same as what was done with somewhat of a "goodbye" to 2nd edition including all the magic items and spells.
I would love to see the same useful books for 3rd edition.

Not to mention it would be exceptional to find all and any items/spells descriptions consolidated into 1-4 books. Instead of spread out all over and having to try to remember which source it was located.

Since you're ineterested in us being happy and also your bottom line. I'd personally be willing to pay $200+ to have magica encyclopedia's and spell compendiums at my fingertips.

Especially, since all I enjoy doing is DM'ing and have done so for past 25 years now. Consolidation is always good for DM's when creating adventures and running players through them. Not only from the generation of dungeons, magic items and spells but battle.

Please do that for me! If anyone else feels the same please speak up! LOL!