Not sure if this is the right place to post, but trouble buying a D&Di account?

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I've tried with multiple credit cards, on two different laptops, all freaking day, but every time I try it always says "Payment Authorization Failed"

the credit card is fine, the bank account has the money in it, all of my information was correct, but WoTC won't take my money!

has anyone else had this problem? was there something wrong with the system today? I'm going to try again tomorrow, but I don't have high hopes

EDIT: I did a search through this forum and apparently I'm not the first one to have this problem, unfortunately none of the other people to have it seem to have gotten any solutions, so now I have even lower hopes Frown 
Hello Centauriproxima and welcome to the &DD Community!

If you have any trouble completing your order, please contact customer service for assistance.

You may also want to check the D&D Insider: FAQ for Subscriptions as it can sometimes help.

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