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I noticed that there are no announced Dungeon Tile packs so far in 2013. They usually announce these buggers months in advance. Plus, Amazon doesn't have any preorders for upcoming D&D Tiles (Amazon is a great source for upping releases).

With D&D Next focusing on miniature-less rules are they pulling away from releasing D&D Tiles?

From what I've seen the Dungeon Tiles are about the only thing that Wizards can sell these days (other than the 1st edition reprints). Curious that D&D Tiles are absent so far in 2013.

They might be phasing them out given they no longer sell miniatures and map packs are cheaper. Plus they might be running out of easily sellable ideas (despite still not releasing the boat set to the public!) 

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The more I think about it, the more phasing out Dungeon Tiles makes sense.

The line is problematic. They were meant to be this cheap easily giftable product with a low price point, but this meant you often needed two or even three sets for an acceptable amount of terrain options.

Plus there was buyer fatigue. This really killed the miniature line. With a limited audience, the buyers quickly reach saturation: they have all the tiles they will ever need and buy fewer sets.
I stopped buying because most of the sets were very niche and didn't have tiles I needed. I have stacks and stacks of tiles. While I kept hoping they'd make something I could buy it never appeared.

There's also the refocusing of the brand away from the RPG. D&D used to just be the RPG. That was the be-all-end-all of D&D. So all products had to feed I to D&D. There was the full gamut of accessories and side products designed to feed off the RPGers.
But this was one audience and there is only so much disposable income to go around, so Fortune Cards compete with Dungeon Tiles for cash.
Now there are board games, a miniature combat game, video games, and more. I expect card games come next, but likely non-CCG. Hopefully all targeting slightly different aspects of the audience.
Plus, Next is less focused on miniatures, making them less of a must-have product.

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Also check out my books at Jester David's How-To Guide to Fantasy Worldbuildinga compilation of my blog series on Worldbuilding.


the only thing i buy from them these days is map packs and tiles. my 1e and 2e books are still in great shape and i dont care about their boardgames in the least. i hope that they will contine to produce gaming accessories. if they dont, they can make more 'euro-style' games that are collecting dust en masse at the flgs

then all i can say to wizards is " see ya"! as i head over to pathfinder.
seriously, not everyone wants to just imagine the scene, some, like myself, want to be able to visualize it.

if they chose to discontinue the minis, i can live with that, as they are lots of plastics minis coming out. reaper's bones line, paizo/ wizkids pathfinder minis, and dungeon crawler's mini sets are proving.     
That would be rather disappointing, if Dungeon Tiles would be discontinued entirely. I was hoping they would evolve into being interlocking (like the D&D Adventure Board Game tiles), as to solve the issue of the tiles staying in place (without the need of adhesives). Also, a lot of the tile sets, especially the City set didn't actually seem to have enough city to it. It seemed more like a sewer system than a set of tiles for building a city. I would've really loved to build a district or neighborhood, instead of a town square and a sewer.

I do like that they're moving away from the need for miniatures, although it would still be nice to have them produced in LCG-style, instead of the booster pack style they did previously. Booster packs are just plain annoying.
I have already moved over to Pathfinder. They just make a superior product. I include both Pathfinder tiles and Wiz tiles to create almost any dungeon or setting I want. The idea that they are trying to get away from miniatures is silly. What is the replacement, cardboard minis? I don't understand the comment. RPG players will always use minis. I have been using minis of some sort for 30 years. We have recently jumped over to Pathfinder cardboard minis and we have more than we will ever need. I suppose it is up to the style of game you play. We have always played a more tactical game vs waxing poetic and found the tiles and minis a huge boon that has kept the game fresh for us. I think the quality of the current dungeon tiles to be fantastic and worth every penny.  I hope they keep making them. We will certainly keep buying them.
The replacement for minis was tokens in the Essentials stuff and they are quite nice but wizards is still doing some minis with dungeon command. s