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So I was browsing online during an Anthropology lecture and I started to see some community builds some fourms do.  So I want to try doing one here and my freind has always loved his deck and wanted to make an EDH off it and asked me to make a deck outline for him.  
So for all who have never done a community build it is what it's name suggests: We suggest cards and build a rough deck and then we debate and talk about changes and such like every other deck.  

So a couple things to go over before hand. My freind wants this to be kinda controlling, Not as bad as monobliue but to have enough. Also he barely has any cards any more and was willing to pump about 70 in to the deck.

 And here are the other restrictions he gave me:
1. NOT TRIBAL (he wants somethign diffrent from his Treefolk deck. He said some are okay but he doesn't want a ton of treefolk.)

2. He said Knight of Religary and Qasali pridemage need to be in here (like we would leave them out)

3. No Infinite Combos 

4. He doesn't want to spend a ton on land. ( he set a 5 bucks aside becasue he has the M13 and Inistrad dual lands and a command tower already)

So With that lets begin building!


The General
Doran, The Siege Tower

Knight of the Reliquary*
Qasali Pridemage*
Deadwood Treefolk *
Indomitable ancients*
Rhox Faithmender
Sworn Defender
loxodon Gatekeeper
Treefolk Harbinger*
Unstoppable Ash*
Oathsworn Giant
Silklash Spider*
Dauntless Escort*
Sun Titan
Sakura-Tribe Elder
Yavimaya Elder
Windborn Muse*
Reassembling Skeleton*
Eternal Witness
Korozda Guildmage*

oblivion ring*
Pursuit of Knowledge
Phyrexian Arena*
Conclave's Blessing
Aura Shards*
Hero's Resolve

Lightning Greaves*
Slagwurm Armor

Path to exile*
swords to plowshares*
Kodama's reach
wrath of god*
day of judgment
crime // punishment
Withering Boon
Rebuff the Wicked
Lapse of Certainty
buried alive
Unburial rites
Return to Dust
reach of the branches

Garruk Wildspeaker*

Command Tower*
Sunpetal Grove*
Isolated chapel*
Woodland Cemetery*
Forbidding watchtower
Kor Haven
krosan Verge*

Cards marked with * he already owns.

Updated: 2/8/13 at 11 Central Time
Slagwurm armor
Indomitable ancients
Forbidding watchtower
wrath, day, rout, austere command, crime // punishment, merciless eviction, oblation...


seems like meekstone or crackdown would be good, particularly with loxodon Gatekeeper or kismet.  You might also run rolling stones with some walls.  sworn defender might be good.  accorder's shield?

You might also run crucible of worlds and overgrown estate  
I ran a Doran deck for a long time.  I ultimitley took it apart because it lacked finshing power.  So late game becomes an issue.  That is why I would recomend some things like Empyrial Armor for a voltron plan with doran.  Not to metion that he dose a fantastic impression of a 5/5 for 3 so genral damage should be a consideration.  I would also like to add that the above works well with  Sylvan Library  Pursuit of Knowledge  I ran this in my Doran build and it worked great.  An artifact that I found really useful was crown of convergance and on a creature paird with  Call of the Wild Doarn decks tend to be creature heavy so Craterhoof Behemoth  sems good. 

I know the deck is soposed to be treefolk light but I also second  Indomitable Ancients he is a house in a doran deck and Treefolk Harbinger at a one drop to get a forest in hand is pretty good.  And the last two treefolk Ill mention are Woodfall Primus who I feel should be run redargless and Unstoppable Ash  This guy pretty much screams when doran is in play your taking 5 damage a turn.  So at five treefolk + Doaran and I am gussing there will be a few wariors in there I feel he should at least make the discusion. 

Another problem my Doran deck had was that it was a ground and pound type deck so it lost a lot to big flyers.  So things like Tornado Elemental and  Silklash Spider are good. 

Things that give Doran trample are good see rancor and the host of good equipment out there. 

Having one drop ramp spells is important with Doran because you need to start putting people on a clock early with Doran.  He is a midlevel agro beater.  so landing him a turn early is a huge plus.   

Reanimate, reanimate, reanimate:  Playing a lot of big scary bomb creatures in a boardwipe heavy format means I want to be able to recure things from you yard.  Animate dead, reanimate, victimize, necrogenisis, living death, lilly ves 1.0. Resurection  in these colors the list is pretty long so I would recomend at least five to 7 good reanimate spells. 

I am not sure if entomb and burried alive belong in this build (I put them in every EDH deck that has black)  but thats just my play style.

The rest are just staple sugesstions tooth and nail, damnation, wrath of god, necropotence sword to plow, land tax, enlightend toutor, vamperic, demonic, gen wave, trastadon, worldy toutor ect. 

Let me know how this works.  I think this is a neat idea and might try it myself

recently Updated.  He finally got me a list of what he has still and I tossed the useful ones in.   

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Wave of Reckoning since all your guys will have toughness greater than power.

Trostani, Selesnya's Voice for the same reason. Maybe with Wall of Junk to abuse them better.

Accorder's Shield and Spidersilk Net are pretty efficient for what they do. Trailblazer's Boots is a must-have in this format just because you by default have a 5/5. Why not make it an unblockable 5/5?

Tower Defense and Spidersilk Armor. Bar the Door isn't as good as the defense (and non-stickable), but still surprisingly playable.

Priests of Norn and Tangle Angler because "you die in three turns".
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