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Aloha, novice deckbuilder here. I want to build a, well, I guess a themed deck that uses Vigilante Justice.  I want to keep it standard, and use mostly commons and uncommons (though I would consider one or two rares if they are very inexpensive). So, the point of deck is Vigilante Justice (x4?).  Then there would be some red humans such as Kessig Malcontents and Bomber Corps.

But what else?  What other humans should fill out this skeleton? And since I assume I'll want another color, what should I pair with Red?  White could offer Gather the Townsfolk and Captain's Call, and the token makers give more triggers for Vigilante Justice. Green could give Farseek x4, helping to get land out more quickly and let me get VJ running sooner, as well as having more mana to play humans like Hamlet Captain. Blue has Mass Appeal, helping me take advantage of a bunch of humans to draw more to play more humans.

Thank you for your advice!
Increasing Devotion and Thatcher's Revolt are essential, and I'd argue Battle Rites would be good, too, to help churn out multiple Vigilante Justice. Mentor of the Meek would be essential for the speed. Goldnight Commander can do horrible, horrible things fairly easily. As you can see, I'm on the side of RW humans, which was an Avacyn Restored archetype I've also tried to list cards that aren't too expensive, even if some are rare.

Hope that helps ^^ 
I'd definatly go with Red/White. Boros is choc-full of good, agressive humans to trigger Justice. You'll probably have to find some space for mana artifacts (whatever's in Standard right now I can't recall) because Justice's best friend is Increasing Devotion. Other than that I'd say Thatcher Revolt and Gather the Towsfolk, and since you're at that point already loving tokens anyway Intangible Virtue. If you really want you can splash blue for Mass Appeal if you find you're running out of steam later on, but only if you can't get a set of Mentor of the Meek.