More info on spells on pre-gen pages!

Sorry if this is more of a player issue, but personally, it's a DM issue, since I'm running a game with kids at the school I work at, and I'm providing the material to them.  I'm finding it difficult in that I can't just hand out pre-gen sheets, but also find details on the spells they can cast and print out them selectively....

It'd be great to have spell info on the pre-gen sheets so my players are really ready to go. 

I agree. I'm running Encounters for my FLGS and was disappointed to see spell information wasn't included with the pregens. So I took the opportunity to make handouts for the Wizard and Cleric. Feel free to use them.

Elf Wizard

Human Cleric

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Add another agree to this. I ran my game tonight and found that having the spell info right on the pre-gen sheet would have saved a nice chunk of time.
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