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My favorite order card of all time is Tough as Nails since it prevents ten damage in each attack against your creature.  This cards happens to be part of Goblins of Tyranny. 

My favorite order card in the Blood of Gruumsh set is Cure Serious Wounds.   Healing forty hit points as a minor action is terrific.  

My favorite order card in the Curse of Undeath set is Regenerate

Fire Trap is my favorite in the Sting of Lolth set. 

I don't know why my favorite in the Heart of Cormyr is Level Up.  I suppose I am very partial to cards that permanetly enhance your characters.  
Why Fire Trap?  I find it to be pretty unreliable, and for not a lot of damage.  Tough as Nails is very strong.
Runners up...

Lloth: Faerie Fire because you can focus down big enemies real good. I also really enjoy a good Vial of Poison -> Stealth -> Piercing Strike combo.
Tyranny: Undaunted Surge because +10 damage can't be bad.
Curse: Hypnotic Gaze for not only +20 damage but a huge positional advantage that isn't often expected. My favorite moment with this was using a hypnotic spirit, ghosting through a wall and getting just barely in range to one-shot a freshly summoned hobgoblin sorcerer.

and my favorite order card of all time:

FIREBALL! Huge killing potential. Can be super lethal if your opponent doesn't know you have it in your deck and forces them to play around it, to their detriment, if you do. They think they're safe from your ranged attack around a hard corner and then BOOM hahaha!
By Attribute:

CON:  It's gotta be Tough as Nails, because it's a bomb, it's very con-y, and it synergizes well with another awesome  con card Reckless Attack.
INT: Dispel Magic.  Mostly because it's the only card in the game that can get rid of an opponets Tough As Nails/Magic Short Sword.  Being able to take a Faerie Fire or Mortal Wound off your own guys is just gravy.
WIS:  I'm stuck between Cure Serious Wounds and Scheme.  Not much to say here, they each do their own thing and they do them very well.
STR:  I'd probably say Charge from the new set, just because this has been a warrior-esque staple ability since the beginning of time it seems.
CHA:  Another vote for Hypnotic Gaze.  The ability to slide an opponent's creatures is insanely powerful, coupled with 20 bonus damage?  4 please.

Cloud of Bats is my favorite order card of all time.  Nothing like negating your attack and also being wherever is most annoying.

I like forced movement shenanigans in general, Blast of Force, Hypontic Gaze, if it can shove someone into something unpleasant I'm really on board. 
Favorite of All Time: Reinforcements (it enables an entire set of strategies, which happens to be my favorite way to play)

DEX: Nimble Strike (mobility with added punch)
CON: Tough as Nails (key to turtling decks)
STR: Disruptive Strike (nice control applications, but I don't really play STR)
INT: Arcane Ritual (best card draw)
WIS: Lolth's Blessing (best card draw if you're playing WIS)
CHA: Unending Horde (mobility again, best thing ever)

Drow: Quick Jab (stick 4 in any DEX band)
Cormyr: Arcane Ritual
Tyranny: Reinforcements
Undead: Unending Horde
Orcs: Cure Serious Wounds (this is just bonkers for CON/WIS bands... a Heal as Minor is something entirely new, it allows you more efficient usage of cards/activations than sticking all you defensive cards in as Immediates, and it's healing for a HUGE amount).
Why Fire Trap?  I find it to be pretty unreliable, and for not a lot of damage.  Tough as Nails is very strong.

I like the concept of Fire Trap.  The limited applicablilty makes stategy of the game more interesting.  And the picture on the card is awesome. 
My favorite order card is Fear. I play most of my games against a Cormyr band and it's always nice ghosting through walls with a hypno spirit then fearing his warband. 
My Dark Sun Campaign "Shards of a Broken Crown" http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/shards-of-a-broken-crown
 My favorite combo is sliding an enemy to Hazardous terrain by Umber Hulk and keep target with WEB! 1 litle spider could control target for 1-2 turns, whether mage or asassin deal some range damage)) Good trap for tanks or dangerous creatures. PIERCING STRIKE will end this combo complitely.

I prefer to play Aliszandra, for excellent mobility and  controling territory.

Favourite defensive order:
Another vote for Cloud of Bats. Nothing like rendering Short Sword useless (as long as you end up out of its melee reach!).

Favourite offensive order: 
Blast of Force. Melee damage and slide 8 squares? Sign me up for 4 right now.

Favourite misc order: 
Another vote for Web. Nothing else says lose a turn like Web!

Fave Combo:
Blast of Force the enemy into a bad position and Web it to make sure it stays there! 

Honourable Mention:
Furious Bellow used with Horned Devil.  Good use of this will often shut down all immediate orders!
Sneak Attack for Sting of Lolth, Cure Serious Wounds for Blood of Gruumsh, and Terrifying Revelation for Curse of Undeath (I won two games using that card at the end).


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