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Here's my list.

I'm not really interested in a SB because this is just a casual deck. it's $46 shipped from tcg player right now. I'd like to keep it under $60 if I can.  Thanks for any help!
id cut 2 of your cantrips for another 2 think twice, and 2-3 equipments (probably id just go with 4 runechanter or mby 3 + 1 elbrus ... trepanation is bad)

up dissipate to 4, mbt get 4 counterspells

i wouldnt run simulacrums and probably not titans either- consider mind control
Any tips?
I think there are too many equipment cards.  I like runechanter's pike, not so hot on the others.  So... runechanter's pike is good for a couple reasons: 1) only costs 2 to cast.  2) cheap equip cost.  You could potentially have a situation where T1 you cast delver, T2 you cast pike, T3 you equip pike, swing and still have enough mana left to cast dispel.  I really like unsummon type effects in control decks.  It saves your butt if you miss an important counter, and ones like echoing truth can take care of tokens (permanently) or spells that get copies of themselves.  Devastation Tide might work well with the preordains -- better if you fit ponder in there as well.
Just 3 Archaeomancer's
I've never understood playing Think Twice outside of a Flashback deck. Just use Divination. Also, Augur of Bolas in place of Archeomancer, much cheaper, activates sooner, and most of your spells serve the same function anyway so the potential loss of choice shouldn't be a big hit.
Thanks for the tips. I forgot about Augur of bolas.
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