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The Dungeon Master Experience
Ulterior Motives

By Chris Perkins

Every time an NPC’s ulterior motive comes to light, the players feel like they’ve just turned over another stone in your campaign and found something crawling underneath. But that’s not even the best part!

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Spin the Cliché
Appendix d12
Cavalier: Alternate Mounts

By Jason Sholtis

As they increase in level, cavaliers might gain the ability (with DM approval, naturally) to master otherwise wild and dangerous creatures for use as steeds, such as hippogriffs, griffins and even unicorns. The table below offers possibilities to DMs and players who may wish veer from the beaten path with their cavalier characters.

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1st Edition Premium Reprint Preview
Unearthed Arcana: Cavalier

By D&D Team

Originally published in 1985, Unearthed Arcana brought a wealth of material to the game, for both players and Dungeon Masters alike. For players, the book contained new classes and races to play (including the drow!), further spells and equipment, and even an alternate ability score: Comeliness (reflecting physical attractiveness, social grace, and personal beauty, and was considered a different attribute from Charisma).

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