Need help fleshing out a background for my Dragonborn Sorc.

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Hello all,

I've decided to make myself a Dragonborn Sorc, running of the Dragon Sorcerer build.

I've added things such as the Scholar theme (He is 62) and the Dragon-bound Arcanist background.

To add a special sort of flavour to the mix, with the blessings of the GM, this character shall have the Blind keyword and will utilise Blindsight 10.

I was thinking that he was blinded during his service to the Dragon that was teaching him magics, but other than that I am at a loss. 

Any help/pointers are very welcome to help me flesh this character out.


The Nuff 
Just off the top of my head, what type of dragon did he serve? Was it a chromatic or metallic? Was it typical or atypical of its' species? Does this reflect in your character at all (power choice, breath weapon elements etc.). If it does, why? Has you character directly absorbed some of his mentor's power, or is he simply styling himself after them? As for the eyes, they could have been lost in active service to the dragon (e.g. defending the tribe from orcs or something similar) or perhaps they were the price paid for power. Alternatively, the sorcerer could have lost them in an experiment or tried to channel a spell beyond his capabilities and literally had the eyes burned from his head as a result of arcane backlash.

You way wish to consider your characters general out look on the world (beside being Lawful good, good etc.). Are they brutish, sly or scholarly (the last might be a rather interesting spin for a sorcerer)? Merely from a role-playing perspective, you might consider having your character be on the path of the "Ninefold Master" (Dragonborn Handbook) or a similar paragon path. For me, I like to have an idea as to where my character is going even from level 1, that way I can weave it into their back-story, disposition etc. which in my opinion, makes things flow more naturally.

Further, and I know that this is going to sound odd, what implement/weapon does your character use and why? Sorcerers automatically can use daggers and staffs as implements, and have access to all simple melee weapons (even if they don't use it), consider what you want to arm your character with and why he would do so, having a morningstar across his back reflects a very different mentality then simply using a dagger.

Finally, what feats are you interested in taking? The only reason I ask is because feats can often provide some ideas towards a character's general mentality, training etc. (e.g. accuracy vs. damage vs. durability etc.) Does any of that help?
These are things I hadn't even begun to consider!!

Thanks for the excellent pushing in the right direction!! Gonna be a fair whack of time spent on answering those questions, then melting them together to create  a hot pot of goulash back story!

Thanks mate!! 
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