Why the heck do I still have an account?!

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Ok, whoa whoa whoa... this is SERIOUS.

Let's see guys... I actually bought a 1 MONTH membership account, $9 USD with a debit card, January 4th 2013...

Well, I remember I read the membership renewal TOS, and I was sent a mail on January 29th sayimg my membership would be renewed on 30 days, and that I could cancel the renewal... that would mean my membership would renew on March 1st.

Well, I got into the cancel renewal thing, had a BAD, BAD experience looking into my inbox for the order code, and well, SUPPOSEDLY I shouldn't be able to launch the tools since I've already spent a month with it... but turns out I can.

What should I do?! I have NO MONEY on my card, and I have NO MONEY for another month (9 USD is not very affordable on my country), plus I do not play 4e that much anymore, and my group is fine at being lvl 20 for a long time...


EDIT: My current Order History
161046625451/4/201312/31/2012 Order Complete$9.95
116648121002/4/2013Order Unsubmitted$9.95
115457366002/4/20131/5/2013Order Pending Payment$9.95
116648121002/6/2013Order Unsubmitted$9.95

Does that mean that from today on they're charging me TWICE the ammount I should have paid?! 

Tell me it's not truth... first of all, it's totally unfair since their email said MY ACCOUNT WOULD BE RENEWED ON 30 DAYS; then when I made it to cancel on February 3th, that means I canceled 1 day BEFORE my Insider Monthly Account should have been renewed.

This is totally a hoax... where can I go to? Ther'e NO way I can pay if they're gonna charge me an additional 9.95...

Plus tis error has been happening to me A LOT on Customer Help Service



We are currently unable to perform the selected action. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. We have been notified and are already working to correct this issue as quickly as possible. Please click your browser's back button and try this action at a later time, or take a different action.

Error Number:  SYS_000001"

If it's an error by WOTC, they shouldn't be charging me at all 


Make sure you've properly stop auto renewAccording to their policy on stopping auto-renewalnormally, When auto-renew is stopped on monthly subscriptions, they will not be renewed the following month. Annual auto-renew subscriptions that are stopped will not be renewed for another year. Subscribers will continue receiving service for which they have paid. Stopping auto-renew will not refund any payment that has already been made. It simply makes it so you will not be charged or automatically renewed when your current subscription ends.

You should contact Customer Service and let them know if that wasn't what happened with your subscription.

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