[LoW] Favorite Buildings

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What is your favorite building?

Mine is Dragon's Tower.  It is the only building you can buy that gives you an extra intrigue card.  It also dispenses a wizard to it's visitors.  The owner gets an intrigue card whenever anyone visits his building, and remarkably this edifice can be purchased for the low price of three gold.   I also like the name of this place. 

On the other hand, I think that the most strategic building to construct is Smuggler's Dock.  A costomer spends two gold to purchace four fighters and/or rogues.  The owner recieves two gold, and the cost of constructing the building is only 4 gold. 

There are twenty four buildings to choose from.  Certainly everyone has to have a feeling about one of the buildings.
Easily the Yawning Portal. Its cost is 4, so even the first player can buy it, and everyone benefits from 2 wilds. It's twice as efficient as Blackstaff Tower or the Plinth, so everyone goes there. The owner benefit is basically one free wild every round, which makes it easy to complete quests (especially mandatory quests).