Wall of Blood in White?

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I'm currently looking at running the following deck around [/c]Sustaining Spirit[/c] and Near-death Experience, but I need a life-dump in case my opponents don't cooperate by attacking me and lowering my life total. My best option seems to be splashing black for Wall of Blood, but I'd prefer a white creature for Prismatic Strand reasons: Ethereal Champion would be perfect, but competes with Near-death Experience on the curve.

Can anyone help?
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For a life sink, your best bet might be phyrexian mana.

Hex Parasite
Immolating Souleater
Trespassing Souleater

Unfortunately, that only works in multiples of two.
As far as paying life in white is concerned:

Inner Sanctum
Order of the Sacred Torch against black
Righteous Aura

Horizon Canopy, maybe?
@Enigma256: Damn near close to perfect, save the whole Prismatic Strand issue. Also lets me spit out 19/19s or so while I prevent damage, in case I can't pull off Near-death Experience

@puzzledmint: Yeah, the phyrexian stuff would be fantastic in conjunction with the painlands. It's just the even life that's screwing me over. And I can't afford Horizon Canopy, the painlands or the fetchlands unfortunately :P Not a budget deck, exactly, but they'd probably at least double its cost :P

EDIT: I'm being stupid. Why go down when I can go up? Sejiri Refuge. Thanks guys ^^ 
What about Worship and Angel's Grace as a backup plan?
Angel's Grace would be in like a shot if it weren't for the money cost ;) It would almost double the cost of a casual deck :D

Worship I'm sorely tempted by, especially in combination with Angelic Renewal. If I start running out of instants regularly, I'll throw it in.

EDIT: I'm being stupid. Why go down when I can go up? Sejiri Refuge. Thanks guys ^^ 

main reason to go down instead of up (in case of your card choice): timing. you can only play the land during your turn, but tap the painland at their eot, minimizing the risk of making your experience less near and more death.

Maybe you can squeeze in something like Claws of Gix?

Pristine Talisman would be better. Ability doesn't cost mana and it can't be Stifled.
Horizon Canopy, maybe?

Also Adarkar Wastes, Brushland, Caves of Koilos, and Battlefield Forge.

If you want Wall of Blood to do what I'm thinking you want it to do, Phyrexian Processor. As a side benefit, *cough*Trostani, Selesnya's Voice*cough*
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