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I have a very easy question, I think.

When I first saw evolve I thought that the wording meant that, for example, crocanura could evolve clinging anemones because the croc has more toughness than the anemones have power.

Now I'm not so sure. Does evolve only compare power to power and toughness to toughness?
702.98a Evolve is a triggered ability. "Evolve" means "Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, if that creature's power is greater than this creature's power and/or that creature's toughness is greater than this creature's toughness, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature."

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You have to compare power to power and toughness to toughness. If either of the two is greater, evolve triggers. You don't compare power to toughness.

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I rewrote it

(Whenever a creature enters play under your control
with greater power or toughness than this creature;
put a +1/+1 chip on this creature.)

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i have a related question concerning evolve, and didnt want to start a new thread.  if you have a cloudfin raptor out, and play a mortus strider so it  triggers evolve, could you respond to the evolve ability with a whitemane lion to trigger it again, and give your cloudfin 2 +1/+1 counters?
No, that won't work. The evolve trigger from Whitemane Lion will go on the stack on top of the trigger from Mortus Strider and resolve first, putting a +1/+1 counter on Cloudfin Raptor. When the trigger for Mortus Strider resolves, Mortus Strider (1/1) no longer has greater power or toughness than Cloudfin Raptor (1/2), so it will not get a second counter. You should wait for the first evolve trigger to resolve before casting Whitemane Lion. Then you'll get two counters.
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The power and toughness of the creatures are checked when the ability would trigger and when the trigger goes to resolve. If the power and/or toughness of the creature are not less than the creature that triggered it when the trigger goes to resolve, then the ability will do nothing and no counter will be added.

So if you cast the Strider, then in response to the Raptor's evolve ability, cast the Lion, the Lion will cause the evolve ability to trigger, and then the Raptor will become a 1/2. Then when the first trigger resolves, since the Raptor is a 1/2 and the Strider is a 1/1, no counter will be added. You could, however, simply let the evolve trigger resolves, then cast the Lion. Since the Lion's 2 power is greater than the Raptor's 1 power, the Raptor would get a counter and become a 2/3.

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so the cards were kinda a bad choice.  i am just concerned with playing a creature as an instant to try and get myself an extra counter, when i wouldnt normally.  so if i understand this correctly, it would fail because it is a conditional trigger(as indicated by the if statement), and not a normal triggered ability.  it would be like test of endurance being triggered with 50 life, but someone responds with a lightning bolt and stops that person from winning the game.

Here's an example of when you might want to do this.

You have a Crocanura on the battlefield. You cast Unexpected Results revealing Adaptive Snapjaw and have a Shambleshark in your hand. If you wait for the evolve trigger from the Snapjaw to resolve, Crocanura will be a 2/4, too large for Shambleshark to evolve it. If you cast Shambleshark in response to the Snapjaw, it will trigger Crocanura and put a counter on it. Then when the evolve trigger from Adaptive Snapjaw resolves, its power (6) is still greater than Crocanura's (2), getting you an extra counter. In this situation, you would have gotten only one counter if you had waited to cast Shambleshark.
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