Interested in learning how to play and starting a Skype group with my friends

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Hi, I am interested in learning how to play the game. I've been reading about Dungeons & Dragons for the last week or so and it has really caught my attention. Thre are no local game stores that have D&D nights and I don't know anyone IRL who would want to play. However, I have a group of online friends who are also interested in learning how to play. We already play video games together online on a weekly basis and looking for something new to play. What I'm wondering is it possible to play D&D online (no MMO) with multiple (around 6-8 friends)? We use skype quite often for voice chat, so that would help with communication while playing. I've read that there are virtual table tops or something that you can use. It kind of seems like what I am looking for, but I'm not quite sure. Anyways, I would very much appreciate any help with my situation. 
You can join our gaming group. We have many experienced players and would love to help. My skype name is christopher.holman3. Here is the forum for the group. We have about 20 players. Check it out if you are interested. 
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