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Ok, Multiplayer. This is what I got. Mostly modern Multiplayer deck that is more or less tokens/Battalion. My usual haunt is the 4 way free for all game, of planechase.

I keep finding myself hesitate to remove anything from this deck so I think I need a splash of cold water from you guys. My main concern is that I find in many of the test hands I've drawn I am wide open with nothing on the board for the first three turns.

Critique & Improvements if you please.

Chopping Block:
0 Stonewright
0 Dark Confidant
0 Serra Avenger
0 Tragic Slip
0 Reaper from the Abyss
4 Timely Reinforcements[/deck]

Well, rather than Boros, this is Oros (for want of a better word for the shard trios). But that ain't no thing.

In any case, though, I don't really think Black brings a lot to this deck. Gatekeeper of Malakir requires a heavy colour commitment (and is really just pretty okay anyway), Edge of the Divinity isn't terribly good (especially in a deck that's mainly R/W), and the rest of the Black cards are just dudes who do stuff and are pretty good, but aren't really important enough to bother with the third colour (okay, Sorin, Lord of Innistrad is good, but I wouldn't include Black just for him). Elite Inquisitor is a metagame choice, but against most decks he's nothing special, so that depends what your opponents are playing. Five-Alarm Fire I don't really see as very useful.

As for what to include, I'd go heavier on the tokens. Assemble the Legion is probably your top card. Precinct Captain is good as long as you can force him through,  so maybe something like Goblin tunneler (and a few more cards for him to work with) would work out. There are a lot of cards which would work out; here's a relevant Gatherer search. Dawning Purist and Augury Adept look good to me. They'll help solve your problem with early plays, too.

Really, though, it seems like you could do with more token-makers. assemble the Legion works by itself, but only comes down on turn 5 and until then you're relying on Precinct Captain. I have to go so I'm not going to look it up, but R/W has plenty of ways to make tokens.
I always disliked how slow these boards moved. By the time I get a reply to my post I've often ironed out a few more kinks. Thus some things that are being commented on, are no longer relevent.

That said I super-apperciate the "Deals Damage" Gatherer search, infamado. It helped alot. And I didn't know about "Oros" I like the name better.

Elite inquisitor isn't meta, he's just filler until I get more Precinct Captains. Who is meta is Obzedat, Ghost Council who self protects himself for all the boardwipes. It's a toss up between him and Deathpact Angel, but I think ghost council is better over all.

New list is similar, and black is still in there, but it looks like this:

I took your suggestions and remove Five-Alarm fire, and added more token generation, then I added five-alarm fire BACK in because I found that I was attacking often with the additional tokens. I think it synergies better now. What do ya say?
Soul Warden and Timely Reinforcements seem to solve my early game life problems nicely, with life gain and expendable creatures. With all the extra tokens Skirsdag High Priest seem to have sky rocketed into usefulness, I want to get another one. High Priest of Penance I'm not sure is totally useful, he's mostly sitting there are a political deterent, but he fills out my 2 drops for now.

What say you forums? Still has road to go? Better? Worse? 
High Priest of Penance isn't bad, but his mana cost is a little awkward alongside things like Precinct Captain and Aurelia, the Warleader. That said, your mana base seems like it shouldn't have massive problems supporting it, so if it's working it's fine. It doesn't really do anything to bring in the endgame, but it's a versatile deterrent (although myself I think it's interesting enough to make the centrepiece of its own separate deck).

Timely Reinforcements is fine if it's working. It's not worth it if you only expect to get one of the effects regularly, but it's a good boost to start your token production early on and it's good if the board is being cleared regularly.

Five-Alarm Fire is okay I guess; just as an efficient burn spell it doesn't do that much, but it's a good rattlesnake. I'd just be worried about it occasionally not switching on when it's needed, or being destroyed before the counters go on. Depending on what's needed, it might be better to stick with Seal of Fire or Seal of Death. Or Seal of Cleansing. I don't know if it's necessary in your group, but multiplayer games often bring up a lot of nasty artifacts and enchantments, and High Priest of Penance is a little too awkward to rely on when something like Goblin Charbelcher comes down and needs to be destroyed before that player can untap.

Oh, and I think it's worth going up to four Frontline Medic if you can. There's still not quite enough token production to be able to throw guys away to get Batallion working, so he should help you trigger Firemane Avenger reliably. You could also get a nice trick going with Frontline Medic and Magus of the Disk (or Nevinyrral's Disk, or whatever board sweeper you like).

And I'm still not sure that Precinct Captain is a reliable token producer with nothing to help him get through. As well as Goblin Tunneler, there's Firefist Striker on-theme. But I definitely think he needs something.
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