Can't remember this one thing and it's bothering me to no end

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I don't remember what it was, power, feat, or class feature, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't from a paragon path, though it might have been. I remember it from a class guide, though not which guide, here on the CharOp forum where it was given a gold rating.

My brain says that it's druid related, though I have no idea.

Anyway, whatever it was, it allowed you to select a power from the list of any class. I think it might have been utility related, maybe? Something along the lines of selecting a utility power from any class's list.

I think it was something from early paragon tier.

I can't remember what it is, and it's driving me nuts. Though it's a short drive.
Secrets of Belial (Tiefling feat) allows you to swap a utility power for any other of the same lvl or lower.
Tiefling level 10 utility secrets of belial or something like that? Not home so spelling is probably way off.
That's the one! Thanks!
Probably also because you can pick Serpent's Cunning or Eagle's Splendor for +1 power bonus to all Int or Cha attack rolls...which are Druid powers.
Or Mantle of Unity, or Reorient the Axis, or Arcane Gate/Root Gate, or one of a plethora of utilities full of win.
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