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with the Thunder Hooves Rage when it says you may move through the enemy's square does that still give them a OA? Or would it only be when u are shifting that they dont get a OA
You still provoke opportunity attacks by moving when under the effect of Thunder Hooves Rage, as per the normal rules. This doesn't mean you automatically provoke opportunity attacks when moving through an opponent's square. If you have some means to shift more than one square you can use this to shift through your opponent, but if you use the walk action or similar ways that lets you "move", rather than "shift", you will provoke for leaving a threathened square, as usual.
This is why the power that lets you shift two squares before you attack is a good choice to pair with this rage.
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Pressing Strike?  Which also does an additional D6 while raging?
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Yeah, that one.  Blanked on the name.  Also fun to pair with a Causticsoul Genasi, as their move action racial power gets the extra damage as well.
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