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Ok, so me and my crew are on our way to a town under seige, and judging by the battle we already had, this one promises to be a nightmare. We're about a week out from the town, and are expecting much devastation(and hopefully to find an ally or two still alive). I can brew potions as a ritual(and have 407gp on me, I'm lvl 3 btw), but I have a few questions.

1: I saw in character creator that Potion of Cure Light Wounds(lvl 1, 1d8+1 hp), had a '20' on it's card. Does that mean it would only cost 20gp to create?

2: Is the consumable known as Woundpatch(Eberron Player's Guide)craftable by me, or would I need the Alchemy feat?

3: And IF I can craft it, would I need to be trained in Healing or Nature(which I'm guessing I'll have to be), or would the "no check" free me from that(I'm trained in Arcana, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Athletics, and Insight)?

Basically, I'm looking for ways I can use Brew Potions to aid me and my crew against dying, since we'll be sans a healer this coming weekend. And I guess, without Alchemy feat, I can't make Blinding Bomb(one key skill is Arcana, but I only have Brew Potions)either.

Aside from Potion of Cure Light Wounds, anyone have any other ideas for a lvl 3 brewer?
You create a common potion or elixir of your level or lower. The ritual’s component cost is equal to the price of the potion or elixir you create.

Cure Light Wounds costs 20g, so you would be able to create it for 20g except for the fact that it is not a common potion.  It is uncommon.  Most DMs will probably let you ignore this, but you are normally not allowed to do it.

You could make Potions of Eladrin Shape, Oil of Lasting Flame and Potion of Feyspeak.
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As I figured, the only useful potion I can make for this upcoming war, is the Cure Light Wounds potion. We've been making them already, just that we figured the price was 50gp. Now that I know it's 20gp, I can make a fair bit more while saving some gold(should my character survive Smile).

Thank you Smile.
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