3.5e Tower Shield Rulings

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I'm in a bit of a bind here.

See, I'm drumming up a character for a 3.5e campaign and I'd like to make use of a Tower Shield.
My main quandry with the issue is that it says nothing about a Tower Shield adding to your Armor Check Penalty when NOT equipped, and simply being stored elsewhere on your person.

For example, the use of a guige (or a leather strap tailored for a shield) could sling the shield around onto an individual's back, leaving hands free for whatever is needed.

Some responses I've heard say "Well, it's a tower shield. It's huge, of course you'd still suffer the penalty."
Others say, "No, you don't suffer Armor Check penalties on items you're not equipping (including weapons and armor), but have on your person; you'll only suffer weight and carrying container constraints."

So, guys...

Which is it? If neither, what is your ruling?

You should ask this in the Previous Editions General
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