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I popped out a Lord of the Void and saw that it is close to Griselbrand but not being Griselbrand. I am specifying bringing out Lord of the Void like the one who got Griselbrand banned in EDH and dealing damage making the opponent mill for 7 (14 when paired with EITHER Aurelia, the Warleader OR Waves of Aggression {21 starting with Aurelia THEN Waves}).

By bringing out Lord of the Void the same way the person who brought out Griselbrand (and getting it banned), shouldn't Lord be banned?

Besides the one less Swamp, Lifelink, and replacing the Pay 7 Life to Draw 7 cards with a Mill Opponent for 7 card, they are the same.

7/7 Flyers that cause destruction in their own right.

So with that said, I will make a more clearer question:

Shouldn't Lord of the Void be banned along with Griselbrand?
he has no lifelink, cannot draw cards
he is not even close to the same league as Griselbrand
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he has no lifelink, cannot draw cards
he is not even close to the same league as Griselbrand

Still, Lord of the Void could possibly take advantage and take out the top 7 cards which would be able to take out someone's win condition (if it is either lucky or stacking the deck if there is no cut)
sure, but so what?
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If they only have one win-con in EDH, then they've got bigger problems ;)

Griselbrand was mostly banned because you could drio him, and then abuse your forty life to dig for the perfect hand  - he's kind of balanced when starting with twenty life, but not when starting with 40, especially if you always have access to him as a commander.

Griselbrand draws you cards. Like in 7, 14, 21!, 28!! cards, right after entering the battlefield. They go to your hand (not exile), so any of them can be played.

Lord of the Void exiles just 7 cards, no more, per sucessfull attack, and gets you at most one creature. It doesn't have haste, so without Greaves or something he needs to survive a whole turn first (Griselbrand draws you card right away). No creature card among the 7? Too bad for you.
Your opponent is losing just 7 from 90, 80 he still has in the deck. He's not going to lose the game because of the exiled cards.
You want more creatures from the Lord? Wait another turn, attack again, if he's not blocked you may get 01 (one) creature.

Lord of the Void is just a limited Bribery, on legs. Not bad, but certainly not broken like "pay half your life to automatically draw enough cards to win the game" is.