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im not sure i understand illusionist's bracers

so if a creature says untap target creature it could untap two creatures or would it not work because the ability has a cost.

im having trouble finding a use for it
Only activated abilities can be activated. All activated abilities have the template [cost]:[effect], look for the colon, it's either in the card's text or in the rules for the keyword ability. Anything else is not an activated ability and therefore cannot be copied with the Bracers. Note, that everything before the colon is the cost.

When you activate an ability of the equipped creature, that is not a mana ability, you get another activation of it for free.

Example: Your Tidewater Minion wears the Bracers. You activate it to untap a creature and pay the cost of tapping it. This triggers the Bracers which, ones the trigger resolves, creates another instance of "untap target permanent" on the stack above the original activation, for which you can choose a new target as per the trigger's instruction.
so with your example you could untap all of your permanent infinately
If it were on Prodigal Pyromancer, his 1 damage ping ability would get copied and you could deal 2 damage - both to the same target or 1 to two different targets.

However, if it were on Llanowar Elves, it would not copy the ability because adding is a mana ability.
so with your example you could untap all of your permanent infinately

Yes. Nice combo!

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so with your example you could untap all of your permanent infinately

No, only the original activation counts, as only that instance was activated. The Bracer's copies weren't activated and thus won't trigger it again.

Edit: Untapping the Minion will allow you to activate its ability again, triggering the Bracers again.
It would work.  "Untap Target Permanent" goes on the stack twice.  One of those could target whatever and the other could target the Minion, which would then untap and could be tapped again, which would put two more instance of the ability on the stack until infinity and beyond.
thats what i was thinking.
so would the bracers double fire breathing
Yes. You'd get +2/+0 for every . (+1/+0 twice, actually)

EDIT: The original Firebreathing aura would not work though, because the ability is from the enchantment, not from the creature.  

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i may have to get a playset of these
...and equip Furnace Whelp!

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i was thinking of shades +1/+1
So would splinter twins ability be doubled?
Splinter twin
(well technically the ability that is granted to the creature would have a copy created)
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yes, Splinter Twin grants an activated ability
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