2 instances of flying, then loses flying

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I have my Runeclaw Bear enchanted with two Flights. I then equip my Magebane Armor onto it. does my bear fly?
Gaining and losing abilities are both applied in the same layer. There's no dependency here, so they are applied in time stamp oder. The most recent effect wins. In this case, that's the Armor's effect, so the creature doesn't have flying.
i was thinking that my Bear might have two instances of flying, and only one of them is taken away by the Armor. can you use comp rules to show me why this is wrong?
Here you go:

112.10. Effects can add or remove abilities of objects. An effect that adds an ability will state that the object "gains" or "has" that ability. An effect that removes an ability will state that the object "loses" that ability. Effects that remove an ability remove all instances of it. If two or more effects add and remove the same ability, in general the most recent one prevails. (See rule 613, "Interaction of Continuous Effects.")