Infinite Combo Ending the Game?

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So I had a question on an infinite combo to end the game.

If I combine Exquisite Blood + Vizkopa Guildmage and use the first the ability, any amount of life loss should cause the opponent to lose the game right? (Because EB + VGM's first ability would trigger infinitly, therefore making my life +Infinity and my opponent's life -Infinity)

I was debating this with my roommate who believes it ends the game as a draw because there is no way to break the combo once it begins, where I believe the new (well, 6th edition new) ruling says that as soon as they touch 0 life they lose the game, regardless if there is another action going on at the same time.
As soon as an ability resolves, and state-based actions are checked, if 1 player is at 0 life or less barring a platinum angel....then the game ends right there, whether or not other abilities are on the stack or not.
it would be a draw if your opponent controls Platinum Angel or you control Abyssal Persecutor
otherwise, you win
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