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So this is a Simic deck I've been kicking around in iMtG's deckbuilder the last few days. I know not having shocklands is putting me a step back and they are at the top of the list of things to pick up.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, I feel like it's on the right track but is just missing something. As I've only just started playing again the last few weeks I'm positive I'm overlooking something.

I'm leaning towards removing the Simic Fluxmage's and trimming all the creatures down to three copies to fit in some more control or removal spells.
Honestly, I think your deck is little all over the place. If your trying to run a deck that runs off of the Evolve mechanic then I suggest using [C]Experiment One[/C], he's just a fantastic card. [C]Cloudfin Raptor[/C] is a good one drop as well so you could keep him in there. [C]Simic Manipulator[/C] is a good card for taking creatures from the other side of the table. I would also consider looking for more creatures with a power or toughness higher then 4. And maybe some ramp too. The goal for Simic is to build all of your creatures as fast as possible instead of waiting to throw out ones of the same size later in the game. I like the idea of splashing black for [C]Corpsejack Menace[/C] so you should keep him in there. Definitely take out [C]Invisible Stalker[/C], I don't see him being used for anything right now unless it's Dimir. Besides that I would just go ahead and take a look at some other Simic decks that are being built for standard right now.

I just started back up recently as well so you don't have to take my advice as much as you would others. But that's just about my 2 cents for this deck. Go ahead and take a look at mine, I started with the same idea as you and then was inspired to turn in a completely new direction. You might like it, Now I'm just splashing Simic for some counters and draw power. But when I first started writing my list it was based around [C]Corpsejack Menace[/C] and [C]Deathrite Shaman[/C].
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