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Is the object an Aura or Equipment was attached to considered part of last known information if that Aura or Equipment leaves the battlefield while a spell or ability is on the stack?
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You should give an example with specific cards. Are you asking about LKI of the aura, or the enchanted permanent?
I control Spellweaver Volute and cast a sorcery. In response, my opponent Naturalizes the Volute. When the trigger resolves can the game determine what the enchanted instant card was?
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I do not think so. Voulte is not attached after it is in the graveyard so a copy connot be made.
See correct below.
from gatherer:
Say Spellweaver Volute's ability triggers, then Spellweaver Volute leaves the battlefield in response. Then the instant card that was enchanted is removed from the graveyard in response. When the Volute's ability resolves, it will check its last existence on the battlefield and identify the "enchanted card" as that instant card, so the card is copied and controller of the triggered ability may cast it.

that is an even trickier scenario, but even in that case LKI works
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Without LKI, no Carapace.

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