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A friend of mine is making a 3.5 Forgotten Realms campaign, and I wanted to make an evil character as a backup of sorts. I like the Black Blood Hunter class, but I'm trying to find a build that works well, and I'm trying to figure what early classes synergize with it the most.

Here's the starting requirements for characters in this campaign:
Faerûn races only (I'm thinking about going Human or Half Orc with a Werewolf template)
5 levels total, including level adjustments
5 levels of Gestalt are allowed, and may be used at any level.

For flavor, I was thinking about making a character that revels his wild personality and instincts, as well as a cruel and vile nature.

Classes I'm considering (I'm completely open to other classes, too):
Fist of the Forest (Complete Champion)
Warshaper (Complete Warrior)

Can you put level adjustment on one side of gestalt? Can you put level adjustment opposite racial hit dice?

The DM seems to be okay with gestalting the Level Adjustment on one side, and he's also okay with the Racial hit dice being gestalted. At least, as far as I can tell.

Also, I just rolled up the numbers for my ability scores (4d6 drop lowest), and here's what I got:18 14 15 17 18 14

The DM is also allowing us to have one bonus feat as a freebie from the regional section in the beginning of the Faerûn Campaign Setting, depending on the region we choose to be from.
So first and foremost get a monk level, this way you have some additional attacks from unarmed strikes, which scale with BaB. Secondly if your getting a free regional feat get the battle jump so that when you leap at someone(with your awesome lycanthrope jump check) you can double all your damage. I would definitly look into going with a weretiger, its expensive but with gestalt it isn't so bad. Then enter the black blood hunter prc. Look into a fanged ring from the draconomicon, this will give you improved natural attacks on all of your natural attacks. If you go the monk route definitly grab a monks belt and maybe superior unarmed strike (from tome of battle if its allowed). A barbarian dip is nice if you don't go were tiger and I would recommend human as a race (for the base). Next I would definitly look into the two weapon fighting tree (and if you have room warshaper levels) the two weapon fighting feat then the gloves of balanced hand (from the magic item compendium) allow for you to use your unarmed strike damage on each "hand" thus giving more natural attacks. I would judging off your stat arraygive the 18s to str and con the 17 to dex wisdom and int would be next with cha having no priority. If you want I can sketch up a rough build for you tommorow
A rough build would be pretty nice, I need all the help I can get when it comes to making 3.5 characters (luck can only get me so far. Except in the last campaign, it led to my character becoming a lesser Luck god.) The DM is allowing Tome of Battle (my main character is using it, and the DM approved him). Also, any suggestions for that character are appreciated as well.

Also, what do you think of the feat Beast Strike from Dragon 355 (p.76)? It adds claw (or slam) damage to unarmed strikes and grapple damage.

Also, the starting gold is 5,332

so your build as i see it will look something like this La 3 (were tiger) monk 2// Racial Hd 5 your base form should be a human from taer which will give you the regional feat of battle jump, or alternativly you can take the jotunbrund free regional feat. 

For your feats i would think it to be something like: 
1. Two weapon fighting/ human bonus feat Power attack (required for the hunter prc) and you get alertness for free(oh boy!) this is a racial bonus feat from Weretiger.
3.  would have to be the vile strike one which actually isnt bad since you already have 3 natural weapons and 2 unarmed strike in tigerform along with pounce, or 5 attacks if you in hybred, i would advise against being in human form during combat. 
your monk bonus feats should probably be imrpoved grapple, which at this point isnt the worst idea especially if you went jotunbrund as your bonus. and  for the second level feat it should be probably combat reflexs, there arent great choices and im only vaguely familiar with most variants. 
For stat distribution i would look into going something along the lines of 18str 17 dex 18 con 14 int 15 wis and 14 cha with the final stats in your hybred form being 30 str (holy crap) 23 dex 24 con 14 int 17 wis 14 cha. those stats will not only ensure you cna hit but also allow for some power attack to stack on some extra damage, especially sinc ein hybred form you have pounce

A general strategy i would use would be to pounce them and use the bonus 2 to hit to be extra fuel for your moderately weak power attacks, this will give you a decent chance to hit your target as well as being able to pump out huge damage. For future feats look into multi attack (i wouldnt worry about the improved verson) and superior unarmed strike to boost your unarmed strike. I am begining to think that jotunbrund will be better for this build but this could merely be a flavour choice since both of them are decently equal except in extreme situations. 
spalshing in a level of crusader or 2 when you eventuall have room (remember you have one more level of animal HD on the gestalt side) would allow you access to thicket of blades which can help your action advantage or maybe warblade for the flavour of tiger claw. Either way would be good and perhaps if you can try to enter bloodclaw master or warshaper, or as you had thought fist of the forest. Any of these classes will ensure that you have a multitude of damage and options to play with. If you require more help just ask  
What book/page is the Taer region in again? And where are the 5 racial hit dice from?
I think its faerun campaign setting (ill double check later) and the racial hitdice are from weretiger you need 6 for the animal cost, you can use another lycanthrope if you want but I picked this one for pounce allowing you to full attack on charges
is tome of battle avaible? if yes, take a level of unarmed swordsage instead of monk. The Maneuvers are always helpful
Oops totally didn't even think of that :/ silly swordage being so awesome its definitly superior to my monk start other then 1 level for the free feat & unarmedstrike feat
I'll just add that my DM doesn't care about the ECL for the characters, so for Lycanthropes, he only wants the Level Adjustment.
Its an la 3 but if you dm is ignoring racial hitdice roll with it! I would look into totemist if that's on the table, or maybe a class to use to buff yourself
Rather than tiger, I'd tend toward deinonychus for the animal portion of a lycanthrope. 4 attacks, huge bonuses to a number of major skills, 60' movment speed, and a pounce ability. Also it's only got 4 Hit dice for when that matters.
A far better alternative I agree!
*cough* MM3 fleshraker *cough*
I smell a kung fu raptor coming up :p
Er, let's keep my character's lycanthrope race something simple.
*cough* MM3 fleshraker *cough*

I'd say that's entirely open for debate. A bog standard Fleshraker has:
+6 Str, +8 Dex, +4 Con
+8 Hide (+10 in forests) +6 Jump
50' speed, Medium, Poison, Leaping Pounce (pounce w/ trip), 4 Attacks and a rake

Deinonychus will net you:
+8 Str, +4 Dex, +8 Con
+8 Hide, Jump, Listen, Spot, and Survival
60' speed, Large, Pounce, 4 attacks

Consider that the Fleshraker Poison won't scale without any additional racial HD, but Large will screw up your ability to function in 5' spaces.
Were-Fleshraker is all about the Leaping Pounce. No other way in 3.5 to get an ability that lets you:

  • Charge

  • Full Attack

  • Rake

  • Trip

  • Pin - not start a grapple, pin

all in the same action. It's a godsend to many classes; psywar springs to mind.
Can I see what book the Werefleshraker is in? My DM has a pretty strict "Things have to be from a printed source" policy. Online-only things won't fly.
Can I see what book the Werefleshraker is in? My DM has a pretty strict "Things have to be from a printed source" policy. Online-only things won't fly.

The fleshraker dinosaur (a type of animal) is in the Monster Manual 3.  The lycanthrope template (for making were-creatures) is in the core Monster Manual.

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DM just said that he isn't allowing Weredeinonychus or Werefleshraker. >_<
I'd still go for tiger then
So I should gestalt LA2/Swordsage 2, then go to gestalt Swordsage 3/Warshaper 3, and pick up Black Blood Hunter as soon as possible?
Are you using unarmed swordsage (it would be beneficial) but basically yes I think, its la 3 for tiger though
I'm sure the DM is perfectly fine with me using Unarmed Swordsage (Replace the light armor prof with Monk's unarmed progression, right?).
I'm assuming the maneuvers I should consider much higher than others are the Tiger's Claw, due to their great synergy with TWFing? (I've only ever looked at Warblade out of this book thus far)

Also, which Weretiger version should I use? Races of Faerûn, or Monster Manual v3.5?
Mm 3.5 is what I'm quoting I think its better then the monsters of faerun but don't quote me on that. Also desert wind is surprisingly synergistic with twf along with a few rare things out of shadowed hand. Setting sun gives you a lot of options and shouldn't be ignored aswell but the focus should be desert wind/tigerclaw imo.
The advantage to Shadow Hand is Shadow Blade. If you're in a Shadow Hand stance & wielding a Shadow Hand favored weapon (includes unarmed strike & possibly claws), you add your Dex mod to damage. Of course, short range teleports are nothing to sneeze at, either.
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88534793 wrote:
Punctuation exists for a reason, and your neglect of the shift key is to the point where Social Services should be involved.
That is very true, and it can give you a couple of ranged attacks through maneuvers and some debuffs, you give up your full attack but in some instances that's okay to do if the enemy is quite strong. This also coincides with the fact that it will give your character far more options. Also you are correct count natural weapons are shadow hand weapons
I'm trying to compile all of the information I need for the class. I'm going with the Races of Faerûn version of Natual Weretiger (because of the LA2) for the moment, although I'll look more in depth into it when I get home

Also, how does everything from Unarmed Strikes and Natural Weapons stack? I mean, with the Morphic Weapons from Warshaper, the Unarmed Strike progression from Unarmed Swordsage, ect...
How would it work with the Beast Strike feat, as well?

Anyways, here are all of the fragmented pieces I have so far. No feats have been chosen yet. I'm in a hurry to get home at the moment, as well, so I'll try to fix anything that's incorrect.

Str 22 (+1 from level 4)(+4 from Morphic Body)
Dex 18
Con 19 (+4 from Morphic Body)
Int 14
Wis 20 (+2 from Lycanthrope)
Cha 14
Weretiger 2

Low Light
HD: +Tiger
Feats: Racial HD = class levels
Iron Will
Natural armor +2
Alternate form
Lycanthropic empathy
Curse of lycanthropy
DR 10/silver
Level Adjustment: +2
Racial HD: 6d8
BAB: +4
Saves: +5, +5, +2
Shifting: +12, +4, +6

Feats: Alertness, Weapon Focus (bite, claw),  Alertness, Improved Natural Attack (bite), Improved Natural Attack (claw)
Skill Points: (2+Int mod) x9
Skills: Hide, Move Silently, Swim
Unarmed swordsage 5

Quick to act +2
Discipline focus (Weapon focus)
AC bonus
Discipline focus (insightful strike)

Maneuvers known: 10
Readied: 6
Stances known: 2
Base attack bonus: +3
Saves: +1, +4, +4
Warshaper 2:
BAB: +2
Saves: +3, +1, +1

Abilities: Morphic immunities, weapons, body, reach
Skill points: (2+Int) x3
Well its either your getting a crap ton of bonus attacks (get improved grab or black blood cultist) or it will only work on the grapple this might very well be a dm call, it seems very grey. This is why dragon magazine needs to be taken with a grain of salt
I still need a bit of help with my character, since I'm unfamiliar with Swordsages. I'm not exactly sure what maneuvers are best for a 5th level Swordsage whose focus will be TWFing.

Also, should I spend two ranks in Knowledge (local, Taer) and take a flaw to get Battle Jump? (DM is allowing two flaws)

Luckily the DM says that Jotunbrud is Powerful Build in feat form, so he okayed it giving Large natural weapons and unarmed strikes. Adding the size increments from Jutunbrud, Improved Natural Attack, and Morphic Weapons (which my character will likely use frequently) his damage for claws/bites really add up. If I understand Beast Strike well enough, he's able to tack on the 2d6+6+1Vile to his regular Unarmed Strike (Which isn't buffed by the latter two abilities, but is still buffed by DM's word)

Here's what I've managed to work out so far:
Name: ???
Alignment: ??? Evil
Deity: Malar
Race: Weretiger Human (The North) / Shapechanger

Ability scores:
Str: 22 (34 in Hybrid)
Dex: 18 (24 in Hybrid)
Con: 19 (25 in Hybrid)
Int: 14
Wis: 20
Cha: 14

BAB: +8

HP: 132 (We always max out HD rolls for all characters when accounting for HP)

Unarmed Strike
   Attack Bonus: 15(21 Hybrid)/10(16 Hybrid)
   Damage: 2d6 (Counted as size large monk)+6 + Beast Strike (Claw damage)
   Attack Bonus: 15(21 Hybrid)/10(16 Hybrid)
   Damage: 1d8 (2d6 with Morphic Weapons and Hybrid both active)+6 + (1 Vile damage)
   Attack Bonus: 15(21 Hybrid)/10(16 Hybrid)
   Damage: 2d6 (2d8 with Morphic Weapons and Hybrid both active)+6 + (1 Vile damage)

Fortitude: 8
Reflex: 9
Will: 8

AC: 21 (23 in Hybrid)

Alertness (Bonus from Weretiger)
Weapon Focus (Bite/Claw) (Bonus from Weretiger)
Discipline Focus: Weapon Focus (Tiger's Claw)
Improved Natural Attack (Bite/Claw) (Bonus from Weretiger)
Iron Will (Bonus from Weretiger)
Jotunbrud (Bonus regional feat)
Two Weapon Fighting (Level 1)
Improved Unarmed Strike (Human Bonus 1)
Beast Strike (Level 3)

Equipment: None figured out just yet. Starting gold 5332.

Class skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Disguise, Escape Artist, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (History, Local, Nature, Nobility), Listen, Martial Lore, Move Silently, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Swim, Tumble

Maneuvers known: Undecided
Stances known: Undecided
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