Article Suggestion: Converting I6 Ravenloft

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I think it would be awesome if someone wrote out a full article of how to convert I6 Ravenloft into a 4E campaign. It really wouldn't be too hard and in fact I have already drawn up a basic conversion that replaces all of the NPCs and Monsters in the campaign with ones from the Monster Manual I.

If this kind of thing is something that anyone can do, I would be happy to write out a full article for Dungeon Magazine and include all of the changes that I've thrown in. For the most part it plays exactly like Ravenloft, there are just a few differences based on what is given to us from the Monster Manuals that we have to draw from for 4e.

I'm not sure if it's too easy for veteran players, but for a player who's never seen it before I can honestly say that I've lost a group to this twice (they got it on the third try though) and it was incredibly fun for all of them.

My Ravenloft 4E Conversion