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I spent a bit of time working on this and just finished a Midnight Campaign with my group (none of which had played Ravenloft before) and we found that using 5-7 players starting at L7, this campaign was doable, but difficult.

Mostly, all I did was convert the monsters over from what they were back when I6 came out, to something more standard for 4E. This could easily replace Kalton Manor on the Nentir Vale map if you are running that sort of campaign.

I made this encounter run specifically so all you need is the Dungeon Master's Book, Player's Handbook I, AD&D I6 Ravenloft, and Monster Manual I. The only real issue I had was I had to take out the Rust Monster and replaced it for a Troll... it didn't fit very well so I added in the alternative, which would require the Monster Manual II.

Random Encounters

All NPCs should be played as Human Rabble (Monster Manual I pg.162) unless otherwise noted.

All Zombies will be played as L2 Zombies (Monster Manual I pg.274) unless otherwise noted.

All Wolves should be played as Worg (Monster Manual I pg.265) and their numbers divided by 2 unless otherwise noted.

All Gypsies should be played as Human Bandits (Monster Manual I pg.162) unless otherwise noted.

All Ghosts should be played as Phantom Warriors (Monster Manual I pg.116) unless otherwise noted.

All Ghouls should be played as Ghouls (Monster Manual I pg.118) unless otherwise noted.

All Wights should be played as Deathlock Wights (Monster Manual I pg.262) unless otherwise noted.

All Wraiths should be played as Wraiths (Monster Manual I pg.266) unless otherwise noted.

All Vampires should be played as Vampire Spawn Fleshripper (Monster Manual I pg.259) but with (6d10+20) HP unless otherwise noted.

All Gargoyles should be played as Gargoyles (Monster Manual I pg.115) and should appear in numbers no greater than (1d4) unless otherwise noted.

All Groaning Spirits should be played as Wailing Ghost (Banshee) Monster Manual I pg.117) unless otherwise noted.

All Rust Monsters should be replaced with Spirit Devourers (Monster Manual I pg.68) unless otherwise noted. An alternative to this is to use Rust Monster (Monster Manual II pg.178) and multiply the number by 1.5 (rounded down)

Planned Encounters

E1. Bildrath’s Mercantile
Parriwimple should be played as a Human Berserker (Monster Manual I pg.163) but with (5d10+60) HP

K7. Entry
Replace the four Red Dragons to just two. They are played as Adult Black Dragons (Monster Manual I pg.75)

K8. Great Entry
Replace the eight Gargoyles with just four Gargoyles (Monster Manual I pg.115)

K28. King’s Worship Place
The Strahd Zombies here are replaced by two Mummy Guardians (Monster Manual I pg.192)

K32. Maid’s Hall
Helga, vampire still functions as normal as outlined, but while attacking she plays as though she were a Vampire Lord (Monster Manual I pg.258)

K35. Facing Guardians
Replace the 2 Wraiths with Four Wraiths (Monster Manual I pg.266)

K40. Belfry
Replace the five Giant Spiders with ten Deathjump Spiders (Monster Manual I pg.246)

KM. Familiar Room
For the three Black Cats, when players advance on them they will dart back into the shadows and disappear. They cannot be caught.

K56. Caldron
The Witches are replaced by two Harpies and five Bloodfire Harpies (Monster Manual I pg.154)

K69. Guard’s Quarters
The ten Skeletons are now twelve Skeletons (Monster Manual I pg.234) And there is a 1d4 chance that there will also be a Skeletal Tomb Guardian (Monster Manual I pg.235)

K72. Office of Vengeance
Replace the Shadow Demon for a Dark Stalker (Monster Manual I pg.49)

K75. South Dungeon
The Warewolf has statistics from the Lycanthrope Warewolf (Monster Manual I pg.181)

K78. Brazier Room
The two iron golems are replaced with two Flesh Golems (Monster Manual I pg.142)

K84. The Catacombs
Replace the one Ghost with one Phantom Warrior (Monster Manual I pg.116)
Replace the one Specter with one Specter (Monster Manual I pg. 244)
Replace fifteen Wights with fifteen Wights (Monster Manual I pg.262)
Replace one Vampire with one Vampire Spawn Bloodhunter (Monster Manual I pg.259)
Replace one Banshee with one Wailing Ghost (Banshee) Monster Manual I pg.117)
Replace three Huge Spiders with three Deathjump Spiders (Monster Manual I pg.246)
Play the Trapper as a Zombie Hulk (Monster Manual I pg.275)
Replace the three Hellhounds with three Hell Hounds (Monster Manual I pg.160)
Replace one Nightmare with one Nightmare (Monster Manual I pg.196)

Count Strahd von Zarovich
Create a Level 14 Vampire Player Character that will represent your usage of Count Strahd von Zarovich. Create it using the strongest tactics in mind with clever usage of skills, feats, and ability modifiers as well as magic equipment. If you are unable to do so, you may use the Vampire Lord (Monster Manual I pg.258) with an extra 6d10 HP and all of the abilities and spells listed in his description (I6 Ravenloft pg.3)

sweet.  im currently running expedition to castle ravenloft for 4e.  easiest conversion ever.  and to think i was worried at first.

we are currenetly destroying the mountain fane hag.  next game in a few days will have them at the swamp!  then... ima surprise em with who the forest hag is.

I am currently running a 4E campaign set in the Shadowfell. I had considered taking the original I6 module and updating/converting it to paragon tier. My idea was to use Barovia as the backdrop and have the party inadvertently get trapped there through the mists. But I was toying with the idea of making it more "sandbox-y" and letting the players drive the story instead of Strahd. 

But I wasn't sure I felt up to the task. I don't have nearly as much preparation time as I'd like to have. Plus I'm trying to find time to also write the general outline/concept for the eventual epic tier campaign I plan on running (set in Dark Sun).

I'd be interested in seeing how this comes out, though!

It worked out fairly well with the i6 conversion. I copied the book over to a word document and split it up to each section of the forest/village/castle. Then I made it look like a 4th edition system a bit more. I must have spent a week or so putting it all together.

I'm willing to pass out the PDF to anyone who wants a direct conversion, so long as WotC doesn't tell me to knock it off. Send me an email at danielnicolai@gmail.com if you want a copy. WOTC told me to knock it off (shurgs). The guide I said above is pretty much the whole thing, though. Just get the book and you can knock it out pretty quickly. Also, if you're going for 4e, I would suggest swapping out some of the baddie encounters for some puzzles to speed the sessions along and break up the monotamy.

Oh, I also have a new type of item that my group calls Heirlooms. They work like in Warcraft where they level up with you. Makes them a bit more useful I think. 

Hello, i'm not new to D&D but i'm a DM noob, just playing once a long time ago, i wanted to start a campaign with my group of friends,

but i'm kinda obsessed with a horror themed D&D adventure, Ravenloft was a obvious choise, but i did not want to buy the boardgame,

and yet there wasn't a 4th edition ou D&D Next update for this amazing setting. I could try to convert, but i'm new to this so i wanted to find

one already converted for a party of at least 5 players at Level 1, is this conversion good for this kind of party?

When you say "Midnight Campaign," what do you mean? Is this where you go through the entire castle in one session? 


"I killed it!"

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