Boros Reckoner blocking creatures with trample?

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OK, so the Gatherer page for Boros Reckoner says 

1/24/2013Boros Reckoner’s first ability will trigger even if it is dealt lethal damage. For example, if it blocks a 7/7 creature, its ability will trigger and Boros Reckoner will deal 7 damage to the target creature or player.
1/24/2013Damage dealt by Boros Reckoner due to its first ability isn’t combat damage, even if it was combat damage that caused that ability to trigger.

The first rule suggests that when blocking, Reckoner absorbs all the attacking creature's power, even beyond tithe amount required to kill it. Does this happen if the attacking creature has trample?  Or does the damage done above Reckoners toughness go to the player as usual?  If so does Reckoner still deal the full amount (7 in the example) of bite back to the target? 

It does not. None of the Reckoner's abilities prevent a creature with Trample from assigning its excess damage to the defending player. The Reckoner will only receive as much damage as the attacking player chooses to assign to it. The rest of the damage isn't dealt to the Reckoner and so is not taken into account when determining how much damage the Reckoner deals.

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The example assumes that the attacker doesn't have trample and no other creature is blocking the 7/7.  If the Reckoner blocks a creature with trample it will only absorb the normal amount of damage and it's triggered ability will only cause it to deal the amount of damage it took (probably 3).
The Reckoner will deal the same amount of damage as has been dealt to him. With trample, the attacking creature usually assigns only enough damage to the blocker(s) as is needed to be lethal, and the rest can be assigned to the defending player/planeswalker. But its controller can also choose to deal more of its damage to any or all of the blocking creatures. So however much damage is assigned and dealt to the Reckoner, that much damage it will also deal with its ability. With a 7 power trampler, that can be 3 to 7 damage. Or 0, if the Reckoner kills the attacker with first strike.

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But if the attacking creature does not have trample, all it's attacking power will be involuntarily turned into damage done to the Reckoner and turned into bite-back, correct?
Correct.  That's what the initial ruling you quoted was pointing out: creatures don't "pull their punches," so to speak. If a 7/7 creature without trample is attacking, and Boros Reckoner blocks, all 7 damage will be assigned and dealt to the Reckoner.
All right.  Thanks for the clarification folks!
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