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Frontline Medic
I just want to make sure I am clear on this. Once I declare an attack then they return frontline medic to my hand and at least 2 others are still attacking.
Will my items still be indestructible for the turn.

Thanks in advance

The battalion ability triggers as soon as you declare 3+ creatures as attackers. Whatever happens to the Medic after that point is irrelevant for his ability. The trigger will still resolve and make all your creatures indestructible for the turn.

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Yes, the ability will resolve even if frontline medic is no longer on the battlefield. Heck, they could return all of your creatures to your hand and it would still resolve (the number of attacking creatures is not re-checked on resolution).
If your opponent waits for you to declare attackers to bounce your medic, then his ability will trigger and resolve successfully. Your creatures will be indestructible.

It's important to note that your opponent may wish to do this before you attack. If so, he should say he's doing that.  If you jumped the gun and declared attackers without giving him a chance to speak up, he has the right to roll the game back a bit and do something beforehand. In this case, you won't be held to the attackers you declared.
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