Gith Armor vs Plate armor bug or misunderstanding?

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Plate armor is AC Bonus of 8, so plate armor +3 should yield 11 AC

Gith armor is ac bonus of 10, so gith armor +3 should yield 13 AC

The character builder, upon equiping each armor, shows the 2 armors being exactly the same value (13 AC). Is this a typo on plate armor or am I missing something? What is the point of having Gith armor or Gith Shell if they dont do anything special? just flavor?
The base magic armor AC bonus was changed with Essential to match up with Masterwork armor value. See Heroes of the Fallen Land pg. 344

             Enhancement  Armor  Total Bonus
Level           Bonus        Bonus     To AC
11-15              +3              +10       +13

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