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after we lv up the thiefling assassin from lv 6 to lv 7.  2 thinks happend. 1 the lv 7 assasin encounter power is not there any more . only  if you use house rule. but on a old lv 7 assasin the lv 7 encounter power is there . so why do we have to use house rule on that .  2 the infernal wrath racial features use to be printet out as a card as a encounter free action but now it dont show and we tryrde remake the charecter and still not there any solution on this.

and then i like to know if there is any news about all the new stuff that we wass told 4 years ago we get in the insider tool. still notting new after monsterbuilder  and that is over 2 years ago. :-(

and finely is it not posible to add new homemade magic items or even edit the magic items on the charecter sheet ? 
You should report it to Customer Service

As for any new DDi tools, no news at this point. 
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