Online character sheet

I made a printable, online character sheet and thought that I'd share in case anyone wants to set it up for their group.  My players update their sheets on their own time and I print them out before we play.  We copy down the whole rule for the feats, traits and things to have them on hand.

I understand that it isn't as asthetically pleasing as an Excel sheet, but this allows for more room to adapt while the playtest is still evolving.

You can save your sheets to your hard drive or online in a shared pool.  Requires the latest of the major browsers (IE9, Chrome or Firefox).  It saves changes to your cache as you make them, so you can close your browser and continue where you left off at any time from that PC.  If your browser supports it, that is.  The format is JSON files, so it should be easy to convert into other applications.

Try out the form or Download the source (requires a PHP-ready server and related knowledge)

Cool! Thanks for posting this.
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