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I have a creature in play and a creature with Bloodrush in my hand. I attack with my creature. My Bloodrush creature in hand says: RG: Discard (this card) Target attacking creature gets +4/+4 and gains trample until end of turn. Can I wait until my opponent declares blockers or must I play the Bloodrush card the moment I attack with my creature and before blockers are declared?

You can wait until after blockers are declared. Your creatures are still attacking creatures until the end of the combat, and players get the chance to play spells or activate abilities after blockers are declared.
Yes you can. The last time you can do something(make your creatures bigger or make your opponent down size) is end of declare blockers step. Because before every step will goes on , players will recieve priority.

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you can activate Bloodrush in the following steps (it might not always be a good tactical decision)

Declare Attackers (after attackers are declared)
Declare Blockers (after blockers are declared)
Combat Damage (after damage has been assigned and dealt)
End of Combat
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