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-4 Grisly Salvage
-4 Mulch

-4 Avacyn's Pilgrim
-4 Arbor Elf

Time on a Stick
-4 Centaur Healer
-4 Fiend Hunter
-4 Thragtusk
-2 Angel of Serenity
-1 Craterhoof Behemoth

Flashback Spells
-4 Unburial Rites
-4 Gnaw to the Bone

-4 Temple Garden
-3 Overgrown Tomb
-3 Godless Shrine
-3 Sunpetal Grove
-2 Woodland Cemetary
-2 Isolated Chapel

-2 Forest
-1 Swamp
-1 Island

-Simply put, I buy time. As much time as possible. Even if defeat seems inevitable, I delay that with time. Because the more time I have, the better my chances are of just going ham with "dumb" beats. Currently, however, I'm unfamiliar with Standard, so I honestly don't know how to go about building a sideboard .
I'd take out the Island for a Plains and throw some Lingering souls instead of centaur healer. Linger souls can chump block 4 times, centaur healer is a bigger body but having multiple 1/1 bodies makes blocking more malleable for you. also makes your craterhoof trigger bigger
D'oh! So hung up on my Legacy list that I forgot all about Islands not being Plains >_<

Also: Centaur Healer for the Souls? Ok . . . sounds good.
I personally like useing Lotleth Troll in the deck i run i mean what the card does wont blow you away but it has helped me in those odd times where i end up with a reanimate stuck in my hand early and just not getting the mana to hard cast then i mean on top of that you got a card that you can make a lil bigger to block some of the bigger stuff out there as well as a regen body. i also suggest lingering souls its very useful to chump block and by time but also if you manage to have a full cast souls out on feild and have 4 souls then mabey a elf or 2 then drop cratorhoof and swing its game if it sticks.
       Now i have beeen messing around in play testing with the card Seance and anything that populates. the reason i have it in my deck or even can be sideboard is if i know i playing against something that could remove or make all the unburial rites just not work so it gives that extra way so the deck is not just counting on the unbuiral to hit. then add in something that would let you populate say every turn via growing ranks or the one elf that the name slips my mind. which then this can give you a angel of serenity every turn again if it sticks around. anyway thats my 2 cents good luck and good to see people still working with reanimator in standard.
Griselbrand or Sylvan Primordial as rites targets. The lol troll is a good option too, incase something is in your hand and will buy you a lot of time cause you can regen him.

Also you need 1 Vault of the Archangel in there to help buy you time too
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