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as I was trying play the modern format earlier to day and was watching opponent after opponent try to win in the fastest way possible it occurred to me that the greasiest issue with the format is that there no good way to keep you opponent from just winning in the first few turns as a result decks such as 0 cmc equipment storm and kiki-jiki continued to be my opponent.

my thought was that a card similar to force of will would be a nice solution to this problem he is what i came up with

Name: Time Skip
Ruling: lose 2 life instead of paying Time Skip's mana cost you may exile an island from your hand counter target spell that had 3 or less mana paid for it

It would probably be banned for the same reason Mental Misstep is banned.  You may intend it to be an answer to fast combo decks, but it's got the side effect of also shutting down most aggro decks, making Control the dominant archetype.  Combo hate usually takes the form of specific answers to mechanics/cards, like Grafdigger's Cage or Pithing Needle, not more powerful hard counters.

Force of Will might be keeping Legacy metagames intact, but I don't think a new variant for Modern is the proper answer.  I think a lighter touch is required (and preferably one that requires some deeper thought to use rather than a global answer).
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One more note: Oddly enough... this card can't be countered by itself.  Unlike Mental Misstep, this is a card which counters 3 or less mana cost cards.  So if on turn 1, an opponent plays some spell for which you proceed to counter... there is absolutely no way they can stop it, short of Force of Will... but this card isn't meant for Legacy, so that's a moot point.
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I see nothing wrong with being able to get rid of goyf or gobblin guide or geist of saint traft once one of these cards hit the field there is little you can do

also it requires you to toss a land the card disadvantage forces you to use it sparingly else you could end up mana screwed unlike mistep which only trades 2 life

though not being able to counter its self is an odd issue it seemed a little broken at uu1 though as that is the cost of cancel..


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