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The Reason I am writing this is to help you. I want you to share my ideas and thoughts on this upcoming season while helping you become a better magic player. If I can help you become a better player then you can help me become  better with just as little as your input. So while that first statement may be a little missleading this is honestly here for you. That is, if you are someone that wants to win more at the game of Magic.

                The first deck I am about to show you is very similar to a deck that I placed 1st with a week before Gatecrash was realesed. I was running R/G agro.  I had been working on this gem for a couple months while I was playing URW Flash.  I was always tinkering with a R/G agro deck on the side, carefully analyzing every aspect of the decks arctype.  The idea was to prepare for the next set, gatecrash, and I am definetly not disapointed on what gatecrash adds to R/G deck.

                The idea is to have so much end game that control just doesn’t have enough… well control. While agro just gets beat by better creatures, Mid-range  gets out raced. All of this I will explain in great detail though. None of these opponents should be faced the same.


4 Legion Loyalist

4 Lightning Mauler

4 Burning Tree Emissary

4 Mayor of Avabruck

4 Hellrider

4 Ghor-Clan Rampager

4 Thragtusk


Other spells:

4 Dormi Rade

4 Bonfire of the Damed


I would definety call this the nucleous of the deck. While you can win without this card, Domri Rade can preform exceptionally well in almost all senarios.  The first aspect is card advantage. In this deck you should at least have a 1 in 2 chance of revealing a creature to put into your hand.  Against Agro or mid-range you have cycled for a creature to replace Domri with while wasting an attack phase from your opponent.  Also against control you should be able to block or stop their small creatures with yours and keep up with card advantage if you cant beat them before they establish themselves.


I would call this a god send. Everyone loves when a card is good early in the game as well as late. Having a very agro start will let you pump your creatures over a blocker while keeping your small guys chipping away presious life. The closer your opponent is to 10 before you can play your first real threat the better. But who says Ghor-Clan Rampager is not a real treat? ;)


Synergy anybody? I absolutely love everyone of these cards and boy oh boy do they work well together. Hitting for 4 on turn two should be a common occurance. If your opponents plan is to farseek on turn 2 then sneaking in a quick victory is not too far fetched.  Here is a breakdown  of a nut draw this deck is compable of:


Creatures Played


Total Damage


Legion Loyalist




Burning-Tree, Lightning Mauler (paired)




Mayor of Avabruck








With the above example all your creatures would have first strike and trample starting on turn 2 because of Battalion. Are you on board yet? I hope so because I truly beleave this is THE agro deck.

Why only ONE one drop?

                Because the idea of this deck is not to win with small creatures but to chip them away at first and then finish with a ruthless brigade of Hellriders, Rampagers, and wolf run pumped thragtusks. I wanted the early creatures in the deck to be worthy of making your oponents trade their removal and be stuck with no answers once the big guns arrive.

Why not splash in another color?

                This one is simple. I think that consistancy is key in a deck that is this commited to agro. If I were to splash in another cover I would need mana fixers such as far seek or borderland ranger. Both of these options are simply to slow for this build.

Where’s the removal?

                The removal is the creatures. I am forcing my oponent to block because of the amount of damage that they are taking in the early game can be game ending. There is built in removal however, Domri’s second ability is spot removal and bonfire will do the trick if you draw it late enough.  You can use Ghor-clan Rampagers bloodrush ability to take care of large blockers. I am also planning on running plenty of burn in the sideboard if they are bringing enough creatures to give me trouble.

Next week I plan on talking about playing on the draw and sideboarding. I hope you enjoyed the first  installment of my weekly arcticles. This deck is going to be crazy and I want to go over every aspect of it in complete details. Please send any questions or comments to ajamison88@live.com. Thanks again for reading and good luck.






I love that  this is here, this gives me hope for the future that a RG deck will actually make some waves and actually be bale to rise to the top. This list i am about to post is for the majority just RtR and GTC, mostly due to the fact me and my friend don't like to rely on sets that are about to go out (we jumped back into the game in RtR so it feels like a fleeting investment to go back for cards in Innistrad block) But this list is very similar to yours and has just as much potential.

Clearly the sidoard is unfinished but you can see where we were beginning to think towards, we had a sweeper for opposing aggro and tokens, and we also have a great deal of flying hate. This deck handles things very differently from yours but the spirit is still the same. I can personally attest that the arbor elf + burning-tree emissary combo is beautiful, every single time it goes off, and can only lead to good things. rancor flat out wins games for this list and god help your opponent if you manage to land it on your rubblebelt raiders . I will admit that the hellraiser goblin is somewhat lack luster in the list. We are currently playing around with a few ideas to replace him with some other things, but when he does come up he leads to some fantastic rushes. signal the clans is absolute gravy in here and can lead to total unexpected victory bu playing it the middle of combat and simply selecting 1 of each of your bloodrush creatures (which gives a 2/3 chance you get a big boost) and can land you the last push of damage without your opponent ever suspecting. What the deck really lacks is a source of removal and searing spear definitely needs to find a home here.
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I am White/Black
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Allright, thanks for the reply. I definetly enjoyed looking through your build. Verry different but still powerfull. The main difference between our decks is that you are trying to win before the oppnent can even interact, while my build does not mind going into the mid game. While both decks absolutely hate to get into the long one. 

I have not had a chance to playtest rublebelt raiders but I can not see any reason to play it over Hellrider. I play in tournaments multiple times a week and Hellrider just ends games, and consistantly. The deck lacks reach and that is what he is there for. I have found that if a person stabalizes at a resonably low health then hellrider can get over an oposing blocker for leathal. I do like Rubblebelt Raiders but there is just to much competition at the 4 spot.

Although using the charm instead of bonfire is something that I feel I should definetly check out. It cost less and may be more consistent.

Edit. I forgot you were trying to stick with the newer sets but still check out hellrider, he is great.
absolutely agree with all of your points. May have to work in hellrider into this build dispite how much i want to avoid going backwards in the sets, but he's just so nice. This build definitely has problems with the mid to late game, but i think with a few alterations, most some decent removal, that problem can be remedied fairly quickly. Dont have many ideas on how to approach the sideboard, mostly due to the fact of, what in the world does red or green pull against control? o.O I typically stay in the WBU end of the color pool so i'm not too familliar with what to sideboard against those colors, any suggestions?
I am White/Black
I am White/Black
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I'm both orderly and selfish. I act mostly for my own benefit, but I respect and help my community - Specially when it helps me. At best, I'm loyal and dedicated; at worst, I'm elitist and shrewd.
Question, this deck is all about swinging as hard and as fast as possible, why not strangleroot geist ?
I am White/Black
I am White/Black
Take The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
I'm both orderly and selfish. I act mostly for my own benefit, but I respect and help my community - Specially when it helps me. At best, I'm loyal and dedicated; at worst, I'm elitist and shrewd.
I am not saying that R/G aggro isn't a tournament winning list, but isnt 'tier 1' forum for decklists that have proven themselves in major tournaments? I think R/G aggro can be good but I dont think your list is near optimal.
well it's starting. Tomoharu's list, second from the bottom, made a R/g Wins list. It's freaking nuts.
I am White/Black
I am White/Black
Take The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
I'm both orderly and selfish. I act mostly for my own benefit, but I respect and help my community - Specially when it helps me. At best, I'm loyal and dedicated; at worst, I'm elitist and shrewd.
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I really like your two drop selection, I might might use it for my G/R Aggro deck.

My deck
4x Dryad Militant
4x Experiment One
4x Flinthoof Boar
4x Burning-Tree Emissary
4x Strangleroot Geist
2x Ghor-Clan Rampager
4x Hellrider
2x Thundermaw Hellkite

4x Rancor
4x Searing Spear
1x Clan Defiance
1x Domri Rade (will get more of these) 

7x Forest
5x Mountain
4x Rootbound Crag
4x Stomping Ground
2x Kessig Wolf Run

Sideboard: 15
4x Pillar of Flame (Against Gravecrawler, Geralf's Messenger and Strangleroot Geist
3x Mizzium Mortars (Against Loxodon Smiter and for one sided board wipe)
3x Skullcrack (Against lifegain from Thragtusk and Sphinx's Revelation)
3x Gruul Charm (Stop the nonflying creatures from blocking and removal against flying creatures)
2x Ancient Grudge (Against Rakdos Keyrune)
Here's my take on Gruul Aggro.

I am trying to focus more on using Emissary to churn out one drops to create a huce board presence early and push lethal before they can stabilize.
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but where DID the other fork come from?
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