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Good afternoon all,

This is my first post here so excuse me if I make any errors in posting on these forums please.
My question is derived from the homebrew class Time Walker (link included) and the attack Temporal Strike.  

So the group I am playing with has allowed me to play a homebrew class which is the Time Walker, and when attacking undead the question came up of does the undead exist in a time line or not.  I did some research which I will copy and paste the message below.  But the short story is can anyone define Temporal Existence and creatures that exist on the Time Line??

 Currently I am playing as a player in a campaign run by a good friend of mine. He allowed me to roll a homebrew class that I have picked up and the link is here:,_Variant_(3.5e_Class)

The question I have is due to an event that was being respectfully debated about an attack this class has and making contact with undead. That attack is Temporal Strike which states that it attacks the enemies temporal existence not its physical existence. However undead are just dead and dont have a temporal existence. I debated that because they do exist at this current point and at this time that they do have a place in the time line. 

Now in the book "Libris Mortis" page 12 paragraph titled "Time and Immortality" it states in the second paragraph "...the undead mind sees the passage of time very differently. Undead exist, they do not live." Then before this in the first paragraph it states "They hope that by having no temporal limits on their life spans, they will be able to accomplish all of their dreams and visions." So with these comments made, I argued undead have an existence in a timeline. Others agreed with me but still the issue with the debate is that it was gray no one was wrong. 

So in conclusion what I am asking for is can some possible make an official call for all D&D players who love to bend time what is the official meaning in D&D for "Temporal Existence"? Thank you and have a wonderful evening. 

~Nular Moonglow, A Neutral Good Time Walker~

PS I got a reply saying WoC doesnt support ask the forums.
There is no official meaning of 'temporal existence' in D&D.

This is 100% a DM call.
There is no official meaning of 'temporal existence' in D&D.

This is 100% a DM call.

Thank you for the response!!  Have a nice day.
As a side note, 99 percent of the stuff on the so-called 'D&D wiki' is unuseable garbage.  I suspect this qualifies as such, considering your question.
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