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if i buy MTG online do i alo get hard copies of the cards i buy?
if i buy MTG online do i alo get hard copies of the cards i buy?

Short answer: No.

Long Answer:  If you collect 1 of every card in a set (i.e. 1 of every card from Return to Ravnica), then you can redeem that MTGO set for a physical set (also, you pay shipping).
That set you have on MTGO will then be deleted as they mail you the physical set.

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lol what a ripoff. i could understand needing a card limit to get your online cards but wtf. needing a full set? i can understand a reasonable shipping rate. but deleting your online cards after you get hard copies? -1 possible customer... noty... pfft
Collections in Magic Online and paper Magic have no correlation (other than the loose correlation of redemption).  They are separate systems that happen to be (99%) the same game.
I'm fairly certain people play online magic for different reasons people play paper magic. I (intend to) play both, but paper magic on a much more casual basis and thus will be receiving a significantly smaller portion of my income simply because I don't play with a large community of regular players in real life. It's just me and a couple of friends at work. On the other hand, with Online Magic I can play with a much larger variety of people and also participate in tournament events with greater ease at whatever time is practical for me. In addition, paid tourneys will net me free boosters for wins, and that was essentially the selling point for me. I'll be cracking open my first games when Gatecrash is released and am looking forward to it!

Technically, if you had the funds, you could invest money into both, but that's probably not going to be the case for a majority of players. Decide which is more appealing to you and stick with it. Play magic anytime anywhere? Go Online. Play for the personal interaction and social rewards? Play paper.

I'm studying for med school, so a social life had long been nixxed as a possibility. NEXT!
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