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So this is what I've decided to run now that Gatecrash has dropped, none of the cards impressed me oo much but I really like Obzedat. I'm just looking for some comments/criticism so I can fine tune this before I commit to buying the rest of the cards for it.

your going to have a lot better luck getting help if you put the list here not just a link to it....
I see a full playset of blood artist....why?

You have no sac outlet (not a good one anyway, garruk doesnt count), and you aren't spitting out enough creatures for the blood artist trigget to matter anyway.  
I agree that the blood artist don't fit here at all.

i also don't see anything for you do early game but abrupt decay or farseek. I really think most aggro decks would shut you down way to easy. Maybe a mana dork or some kind of 1 drop creature could replace the blood artist.

im also a fan of 2 angel of serenity, they just seem more solid as a 2 of to play of each other.

Really though if you can fix the weakness vs aggro the should be pretty solid. Mabye a cavern of souls or 2 could be viable For the angels. 
Okay I've decided to change it up a bit, I'm a big fan of Blood Artist but I don't want to have to commit to Gravecrawler. I probably do need some 1 drops besides rancor but I'm not sure what I should cut for that. I'm not using Blood Artist as a sacrificing synergy toolkit, its more for surviving early on. T2 Blood artist and T3 Lingering souls means I can chump twice and gain 2 life doing it. I dunno. Let me know how you feel about this one

Land (24)

  • 3x Forest

  • 4x Overgrown Tomb

  • 3x Plains

  • 4x Sunpetal Grove

  • 1x Swamp

  • 4x Temple Garden

  • 1x Vault of the Archangel

  • 4x Woodland Cemetery

Sorcery (4)

  • 4x Lingering Souls

Enchantment (3)

  • 3x Rancor

Creature (23)

  • 4x Blood Artist

  • 3x Dreg Mangler

  • 4x Loxodon Smiter

  • 2x Obzedat, Ghost Council

  • 4x Restoration Angel

  • 4x Strangleroot Geist

  • 2x Thragtusk

Instant (6)

  • 3x Abrupt Decay

  • 3x Selesnya Charm

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