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Two players looking for a D&D 3.5 group in Rochester, NY. Will fill in any role and will DM if needed.
Hi Nuclearstorm,

I'm in Avon, NY and am looking to play 3.5, although I haven't played D&D for years and years. Are you still looking for players or a group, and what kind of schedule would it be?


Hi Nuclearstorm,

Im in Scottsville, NY looking to start playing D&D.  New to the game, and just begining some purchases.  Currently all 4e stuff.  If your still looking for players let me know.



Seeking players to fill spot in two 3.5 D&D campaign near downtown rochester.


for our friday group

experience is not really required, just a sense of humor and the spirit to enjoy a long term quest to stop an ancient dragon that was freed in the world, hellbent on destruction on revenge on the wizard who imprisoned him, Elminster!


our current level is starting at 6th, most races are acceptable. I'll review your character  prior to active participation.

classes filled are , cleric and knight currently.



our friday evening group is starting at 3rd level, as we race against time to uncover why  suddenly organized goblins are attacking merchant headed into a local town.

current classes are, barbarian, ranger, and rogue.


both campaigns start at 6pm. we generally hav drinks and snacks available. if you have a specific food allergy or dislike, please inform us.

a 30 min break is taken between session.


any questions? ask here or email me:




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