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Hey y'all,i would like ta make an all Cat Deck and I was thinkin' Modern would be a good format for that. I do not need it to be that competitive but of course I want this deck to be as good as we can make it. The cards can have cat flavor but they don't need to actually reference cats, but that would be a plus. Who can help, I will be everly grateful?
Actually, you'd have better luck getting help for a non-competitive theme deck up in the Casual Decks forum.  Also, since Casual tends to play by Legacy format restrictions, you have access to far more cats.  At that point, you pretty much just have to decide what colors you want your deck to be and you can make a cat theme deck in minutes.

@mikemearls The office is basically empty this week, which opens up all sorts of possibilities for low shenanigans

@mikemearls In essence, all those arguments I lost are being unlost. Won, if you will. We're doing it MY way, baby.

@biotech66 aren't you the boss anyway? isn't "DO IT OR I FIRE YOU!" still an option?

@mikemearls I think Perkins would throat punch me if I ever tried that. And I'd give him a glowing quarterly review for it.

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