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I have to start by saying that i am having a blast running the playtest, I have a test group of eight so far, composed of four "newschool" players and four "oldschool" players on another day. This is some of the feedback I am receving so far.

They enjoy the new character creation scheme with backgrounds, specialities, wizard traditions etc.

They view word of power as "yet another way to make a fighter obsolete." and I agree, when the cleric can both heal and attack in the same turn, why not just add another cleric to the party instead of a fighter? We are no longer using Word of Power in our games.

Barbarians: Why play anything else? The new Barbarian is vastly over powered, my players were not impressed, I would like to offer advice on how to correct it but it requires further study. Offhand however, I would say Barbarian's should not recieve Martial Damage Dice, MDD should be exclusive to the Fighter Class. (will Playtest and report back)

The new healing system (ie short rest) greatly reduces long term quest challenge, we intend to modify Healing Kits to provide far less uses and see how that works. 20 uses per healing kit is a bit much.

<br />House Rule Healing:<br /> A Healing kit provides 10 HD of healing.<br /><br />Short Rest<br />For each hour of rest the character may heal 1 HD + (Con), a healing kit is required.<br /><br />Long Rest<br />At the end of a Long Rest you regain all of your Hit Points if a Heal DC:12 is performed (DC:14 if Bloodied) and 1 HD, if the Healing test fails you only regain a number of HP equal to your Con Modifier. This check uses 1HD from the Healing Kit.<br />

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The reason words of power work the way they do is otherwise it turns the cleric into healbots. They can't do anything in a group except heal, heal, heal again while everyone else gets to whack monsters. Power words allow clerics to be a healer and still get to join in the fun.

As for why someone would play a fighter over a cleric, um, MDD and parry both kick ass. The fighter can tear things to shreds, out dps pretty much any other class vs single targets, and parry means they take a lot less damage too. They're fighting machines, though at the moment they need better manuevers.

MDD caps at 6d6 for the fighter fairly early on. That means every round they can do +6d6 damage AND soak 6d6 damage from a single attack. Clerics also get MDD, but it takes a lot longer for them to max out at 4d6, they can't use them to parry and the fighter still does +15 damage more on every swing.

Consider that the fighter doing 6d6+20 bonus damage(not counting weapon damage) every round for free is a pretty big deal. Fireball is 6d6 base and doesn't go up any unless the wizard blows higher level spell slots on it. 
That illustrates a point I have been trying to make over and over again: It seems the game is being geared towards "Damage, Damage and more Damage" At the very least a "Word of Power" should be a be used strategically and when the need is dire....and I certainly wouldn't grant it to my players at lower levels. And based on my last session, I am quite sure players are in no dire need of healing when they can produce 5 times the damage that my monsters can. I also take issue with Fighters being able to produce an additional 6d6 damage each round...especially since MDD were intended to put Fighters on par with Clerics and Wizards....and NOW Clerics are permitted words of power so they can still deal damage each round? Boo. This is a Tabletop RPG not an MMORPG.
8.8 My House Rules! (roll the d20) *click to roll*8.8
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