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In the 4th Edition some, the oldest ones which made war with the primordials, are called "Estelar". But which of the deities are really "Estelar". I think the Higher Ones, including Selune, Shar, Chauntea and maybe Mystryl or Tyr. Hmm, what do you know?
alot of what is siad in 4e core books,  are not realms specfic.

and the dawn war is also shoehorned into the realms, waht is know is all what is printed in either the 4e books adn ddi  articles 
a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....
Ao, if any.  My money would be on "none of the above" however.
Tyr isn't a native FR deity. He came after the Crown Wars. Very few of the Human deities were around then. According to 4e lore, Amaunatar was there. The elven and dwarven pantheons were probably there too. The Mulhorandi (sp?) deities were transplants as well. Check out the 3.5 Campaign guide or the 3.0 Faiths and Pantheons to see who is a transplant and who is original.
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